Zimbabwe: Covid-19 Knocked Out All My Muscles – Malunga

Veteran musician Clive Malunga is working out in the gym to regain a fair share of body muscles he had lost when he contracted Covid-19 six weeks ago.

Malunga is now recovering at home and says things are looking brighter compared to the period the grip of the disease was at its peak.

“I go to the gym, but all the muscles were knocked flat out by Covid-19,” he said in an interview.

“I don’t even want to think about this disease because my experience is that Covid-19 can shake you right to the core.

“I could not breath properly, my legs were painful, I lost appetite and I could only manage to eat an orange or an apple per day.

“I lost a lot of weight. It didn’t take me time to realise I had contracted the Covid-19 Delta variant.”

The “Nesango” hit-maker regretted not being vaccinated earlier.

He only got his first jab on Tuesday this week at Belvedere Clinic, and is set to receive the second dose in September.

“This virus is real and I struggled in pain,” said Malunga.

“Now I am recovering at home and I then decided to get vaccinated to protect myself and others as I don’t want to go through the same pain again. I am still having some side effects — loss of memory and body pains.”

Asked how he contracted Covid-19, Malunga said: “It was on July 4 and I hired a truck and the driver going to Murehwa. The driver was complaining of a headache and was coughing, but I didn’t notice it at first.

“We were both wearing our masks while chatting along the way. I wasn’t vaccinated because I was scared. Last month I had assured myself that I will go and get vaccinated after I finish my projects.

“Along the way, the driver asked if he could find time to sleep because he was feeling tired. I was seated in the front seat, next to him. I noticed that he was now struggling to drive. We usually talk a lot when we are together, but this time around he was unusually quiet”

Malunga said the following day he started having difficulties in sleeping and decided to visit a doctor.

“I went to West End Clinic to see my family doctor,” he said.

“I tested positive to Covid-19 and I suspected to have gotten it from my friend, the driver. I didn’t sleep well on the day I was with him. I was feeling very cold, weak and had a headache.”

Malunga was not yet vaccinated by that time. “I was scared to be vaccinated because of the past experiences I noticed when people were taking HIV/Aids medication, and the changing of skin and hair caused by their medication terrified me,” he said.

“I thought the Covid-19 vaccination might affect me. I wanted to take time to see if the jab doesn’t have any after effects.”

Malunga said he did not want to be in hospital and his doctor assisted him to recover at home.

“My doctor prescribed some medication including vitamin C and D which is a supplement, zinc tablets and a cough mixture. I am very cautious now. My appetite is now back, and I am eating like never before. My body is back in shape.

“My doctor then told me I should get vaccinated, and I went earlier this week.”

Malunga said some of his fans and friends were assisting with some of the medication and food.

“I am very thankful to all my Jenaguru fans in Japan who keep on enquiring about my health. I am taking some medication that is helping me to recover.”

Malunga said because of the illness, he had to shelve projects he was working on.

“We have rescheduled Mukoma Tinei Chikupo’s tombstone unveiling ceremony to October 3.

“I am recording Ronnie Chataika’s two songs and an album of six songs for the Tembo Brothers. I am staying with my son, who is in Upper 6 at St George’s College, he is my best friend who has been looking after me.”

The musician and film-maker urged locals, including artistes, to take heed to the call to be vaccinated as Covid-19 is real.



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