November 27, 2022

So everything was going great… You met a guy and he seems perfect. The two of you are vibing, texts are flowing smoothly and he’s out to make you smile! But suddenly there is a shift in tone. Texts are rocky, there is no longer any vibe and he’s the farthest from wanting to see you happy that he possibly could be.  why is my crush being mean to me all of a sudden

And all you can think is

What the heck happened here?

Now he’s being mean to you and you don’t even know what to do.

Besides curl up and cry, of course.

Yes, this happens all of the time. To many people. So first, we want to tell you not to feel alone. This happens more often than you would think.

But we are sure that you want to know why?

We would if we were you.

Which is why we are writing this right now. To help you understand all of the reasons why he might suddenly be being mean to you.

Just keep on scrolling if you want to know what these reasons are!

Why He Turned Mean

Whether with a boyfriend or a simple crush, sometimes men turn mean. And for seemingly no reason.

We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but there is always a reason.

Here they are:

  • He’s Just Joking:

Why Do Guys Seem Mean To Girls For No Reason

You might have made the mistake of taking what he says too seriously! Sometimes our boyfriends can be mean just to get us riled up. They think it’s kind of funny! Even if we don’t. It could be that he was just joking around with you or has started making a habit of joking with you just to see you get a little upset. Obviously if you have an issue with this behavior, you should tell him. Let him know that it bothers you that he does this kind of kidding with you and that you would appreciate it if he puts a stop to it. If he continues, it can put strain on whatever relationship that you two share.

Better to express how you feel about it now rather than later.

  • He Found Someone Else:

More commonly with our crushes that our boyfriends, you might find he turns a bit nasty towards you when he starts focusing on somebody else. This is because he is doing his best to push you away from him. He might think that being rude to you is the only way to get you to leave him alone. If he continues being nice to you, you might not get the idea that he doesn’t want you anymore. Yes, this sucks majorly, but it’s just something that people do. He wants to be with someone else, not you, and he’s not afraid to make you hate him over it.

  • He Wants To End Things:

Why Do Guys Seem Mean To Girls For No Reason

As we mentioned above, he might be simply trying to push you away from him. To do that, he wants to be mean to you. It is always easier to hate someone than it is to love them, right? Well, that’s what he is thinking anyways. He just doesn’t want to continue the relationship with you at this point and so he’s going to ruin the bond you have now.

  • He’s Just A Rude Person:

Maybe he never learned any manners. Or it could be that he doesn’t realize how rude he is really being to you. Some people just have jerk-type personalities. These are the type of people who come off as harsh, judgemental and have a tendency to lash out at people when they don’t get their way or they are in a bad mood. You can work on this, though. Not all hope is lost in this specific situation. He may just not be self aware. So it’s up to you if you want to sit him down and have a discussion about the way he acts. He might be immediately resentful, but if you can show him how his actions are negatively affecting you and those around him, you might be able to get him to stop acting out that way.

  • He’s Trying To Get A Rise:

You may have done something that upset him or you may have been a little mean to him first. If so, he might be trying to retaliate by mirroring your behavior. Were you rude to him first? Well, that might just be exactly why he is being rude to you now.

  • You’re Too Invasive:

Reasons Why Your Boyfriend's So Mean

There are times where people lash out because they feel ‘smothered’ or ‘suffocated’ by their partners or love interests. You may not be giving him enough space and it’s freaking him out. So in turn, he’s being a bit mean to try to get you to back off of him. Even if it’s just for the day! Try giving him some space and see if that solves your problem!

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