November 27, 2022

You’ve been planning it out in your head: the perfect scenario, exactly what to say, how to say what you need to say, and getting the mood just right so you can ask her out. And after all the anxiety it has caused you and the mental anguish of thinking of rejection, she answers your prayers by finally saying yes! After I ask a girl out and she says yes

You breathe a sigh of relief, and then… Nothing. Awkward silence all around, and not a word is said further. You should have thought this through.

Well, if you’re thinking of asking the girl of your dreams out on a date, you better know what to say after she has said yes. You certainly can’t just leave her hanging once she has given you the answer you desire, right? So if you have no idea what to say next, let the following responses be your guide to transition from the nervous guy asking her out to the confident dude who knows what to do next.

1. “You have no idea how happy this makes me.” If you’ve been hemming and hawing about wanting to ask her out because you’re scared that she’d reject you, or worse, laugh at you, then this is something you can say. Tell her how happy this makes you, tell her exactly how you feel. Just remember that this is just her saying yes to a date, not necessarily yes to a relationship. But despite that, you have every right to tell her how happy you are because she is giving you a chance.

2. “I feel like I’m king of the world!” If you want to show her just how delighted you are that she said yes to a date, this is something you could say. Who knows, if she’s old enough, she might also get the Titanic reference. There is no doubt she’d be flattered that you’re so happy.

what to do after she says yes to a date

3. “So, do you have any plans for today?” If you absolutely cannot wait to see her now that she has agreed to go out with you, ask her this. She might think you’re super eager to see her already, but she might also think it’s cute that you’re in a hurry. There’s also a chance that she’s free later that day and you can already get started on getting to know each other.

4. “Anything in particular you want to do?” She said yes to a date, but she hasn’t said what kind of date. Show her how considerate you are by asking her if there’s a particular activity she wants to try with you. She might be eyeing a exhibit at the park or this swanky new restaurant in the city she wants to check out. Who knows, if she’s super into you and thinks you’re the one, she might invite you to on a date with her to a place she has envisioned her future husband would one day take her to.

How to react when a girl says yes after you ask her out

5. “So I’ve been thinking of going to…” Take the lead and show her how proactive you can be by mentioning possible date places you can take her to. It saves her the hassle of having to come up with where you can have your first date. Just make sure that the first date venue you’ve chosen is actually appropriate for a first date. It could be a nice café with a view, at a music hall, or maybe to a movie. Don’t instantly invite her to a weekend camping getaway in the woods!

6. “This is just for one date, and I know you want to take it slow…” It goes without saying, but it sometimes still needs to be said. There are some ladies who might be hesitant to go out with guys because of what they think the guy expects from them. Put her at ease by letting her know that you only want to go on a date to get to know her, and she can call the shots. It’s a gentlemanly thing to say, if not a bit old-fashioned. But it’s a refreshing thing to hear especially if she’s had her fair share of guys thinking he can take liberties immediately just because she agreed to go on a date!

How to react when a girl says yes after you ask her out

7. “Nope, just kidding!” If in the rare occasion you decide that you don’t want to go out with her the moment she said yes, this could be your way out. Granted, you won’t be going out on a date with her any time soon. But you may be greeted with anger, maybe a little violence for leading her on, or a tirade of the worst things a girl can ever say to a guy. So let this be a reminder that you should only ask a girl out if you’re positive you want to go out with her!

Well done on getting her to go out with you, and good luck on your first date!

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