September 29, 2022
Tips To get free Backlinks to make a stronger SEO 2018

Tips To get free Backlinks to make a stronger SEO 2018

Backlinks for High Search Engine Ranking
Backlinks are essential for targeted website traffic. Backlinks are links to your pages that are found in various places on the web. They tell search engines that your page is important and worth seeing by others thus convincing the SE’s to give you the high search engine ranking. You can use these tips to get targeted website traffic to your hubpages articles, squidoo articles, blogs, and more to have a high search engine ranking then you may have thought possible.
Here are some tips to get more backlinks. You may or may not be comfortable with some of these methods. Pick and choose what you liked based on what you are most comfortable implementing into your own backlinking strategy for high search engine ranking
social bookmarking sites can give your site targeted website traffic over time thanks to the backlinks
Social Bookmarking Sites
Rarely will you find someone searching social bookmarking sites to find your unique content. Links within the social bookmarking site do not generatetargeted website traffic. You will see some web site traffic from these sites through your social bookmarking submissions, but because it is not information th is being specifically searched for, rarely is it going to lead towards any type of sale or advertising click through.
The purpose of posting on social bookmarking sites is not to gain targeted visitors directly from the social bookmarking sites but to get your page linked from them. The more popular social bookmarking sites offer PR, or page rank. Their purpose is to give you a backlink to your page that is considered to becoming from an authority site thus work toward your high search engine rank for high search engine ranking. Even the lower less popular social bookmarking sites will offer a backlink and even if it has no PR, it’s still a backlink that can lead to high search engine ranking over time and with many spread out backlinks.
Unless you have a link-bait type post, that isn’t going to gain web site traffic based on title alone and create a viewing targeted website traffic frenzy for the amazing information your site has to offer, stick to the formula below when posting to a social bookmarking site.
Here is a list of what are considered the 20 best Social Bookmarking Sites to keep you busy.
Your social bookmarking title should be the keyword(s) you want to promote. Grab the keyword that you think people will be searching for most, but that have the least amount of competition.
Always include dummy links every 2 to 5 link submissions to appear less like your spamming the site with just your page links. To find dummy links, try RSS feeds such as those on Yahoo RSS.
Add 3 to 5 short relevant keywords from your page for tags. Some social bookmarking sites limit the character count so choose wisely from your best keywords.
Create a description that is a few sentances long, short and to the point that describes your page and includes your title keyword at least twice. Do not keyword spam.
Keep track of your account information for each different social bookmarking site. So long as you are including quality dummy links, you can continue to use the same login for quite sometime.



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