December 2, 2022

What does the future hold for the year 2020?

Nostradamus, the world’s most famous 16th-century prophet and mystic, is believed to have prophesied the year 2020 and has called for both disasters and revelations. A year marked with both favorable and dangerous results.

We’d all like to know what the future holds, whether it’s good or bad, but what do the experts say?

This article takes a look at some of Nostradamus’s 2020 predictions and what the experts say.

1. Rising Global Temperatures

Nostradamus’s famous predictions for 2020 include global warming. The year 2020 will see climate changes affecting the planet and world leaders will begin to work to fight against pollution.

In the last 20 years, we have already seen a global sea-level rise due to global warming affecting marine life and the environment.

Increasing climate change will put more pressure on marine organisms and cause drastic changes to their ecosystems which will lead to species extinction.

Three-quarters of Americans predict that global temperatures will increase in 2020 and will see a new call for individuals to take action to avoid disaster from global warming.

2. Financial Economic Crisis

Famous predictions from Nostradamus for 2020 include an imminent market crash. It is predicted there will be a new crisis, another “bubble” to burst, like in 2008. Experts believe another economic crash is right around the corner.

Americans are pessimistic about a stronger global economy for 2020. Due to high levels of debt and a possible impending stock market crash.

Predictions for America see a high amount of corporate debt as interest rates continue to rise and many companies will fall under the weight of their loans. Contributing to the large pessimism that the economy can turn for the better.

3. Technology and Personal Usage

Technology predictions for 2020 include personal usage of cell phones and t.v time.

People will likely spend more time online than watching t.v. Screen time will be spent more on mobile phones than watching the big screen t.v. Although only 51 percent of people globally feel they will watch t.v more from streaming services than cable or satellite T.V.

Some famous predictions are that more people will own their own cell phones than the number of people who will have electricity and globally there are more smartphone users than those with a basic home phone.

A significant prediction for America is that data security for at least one online account will be hacked. Accounts such as email, social media, and even your banking account are at risk.

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4. Common 2020 Predictions are Natural Disasters

Nostradamus predictions include hurricanes and earthquakes in different areas of North America. Numerous natural disasters, including floods, will characterize the year 2020.

Parts of North America such as Canada are less concerned about natural disasters compared to the global population. More than half of survey respondents feel that it is unlikely that a major natural disaster will affect their local town or city.

But among Americans in the last 20 years, there has been an increase in weather disasters such as heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, and floods and it is predicted they will continue to increase causing more concern for the future.

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According to commentary by Dr. Tony Garland, the Bible mentions six raptures. Four have already occurred and two are still to come. The four raptures that have already occurred include: when both Enoch and Elijah were raptured from earth to heaven without experiencing death, when the Lord Jesus ascended to heaven after His death and resurrection, and when Paul referred to the rapture of a man (presumably Paul himself) to heaven. The other future rapture will occur when the two witnesses of the coming Tribulation ascend to heaven after God has resurrected them from the dead.

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Predictions for 2020 Should Not Delete Optimism

Famous Nostradamus 2020 predictions should not stop Americans from looking forward to the future. The general population continues to hope for better and is optimistic that 2020 should be a better year.

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9 thoughts on “The World End Time Prophecies By Nostradamus Signs & Evidence You Must Code About Covid-19

  1. This is all fake. It’s always after major events that people claim Nostradamus predicted the event. I’ll be impressed if someone can give 5 of his predictions for next year BEFORE the year begins.

  2. men of twilight would refer to seniors, the “twilight years” refers usually to 70+.
    interesting read, either way.

  3. Nostradamus was fascinating to me in my youth. As years have gone by, occasionally there were evvents he was said to have predicted. It has long since become something to ignore. Tying coronavirus in with what he predicted is just plain nonsense.

    1. I’m with you on that one. Thank goodness some of us can develop critical thinking as we head into adulthood.
      I now put as much stock into Nostradamus & as I would horoscopes.

  4. And the other twin year since Nastradamus would’ve been 1919 when the worst flu hit Europe inn1918 And lasted until 1919 and killed approximately 50 million people worldwide. No comparison yet to watch happen, yet the Spanish flu, also it was an H1N1 virus, Does not have the corona or queen angle on it Or coming from the east

  5. More nonsense to appease those drooling for the “end times” to hurry up & arrive already: “Jesus is coming soon! We mean it this time!”

    I can hear the voices of overgrown Bart & Lisa Simpsons on that loop: “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet …” just as insufferable as all those who want women to take over everything NOW NOW NOW.

  6. Really, really stretching to fit Nostradamus into present (or past) world events.
    I don’t believe a word of it, but by luck alone he might have gotten a few things right.

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