September 28, 2022

Finding inspiration can come in the smallest of places. When a writer has hit a ‘writer’s block’ the easiest way to find inspiration is not to look, but rather to observe. When all else is put aside and the act of observing is put into place, the most amazing perspective is attained. The same goes for when photographers have hit their own ‘photo block’. When we search and search for the next creative idea, sometimes we become too hard on ourselves which results in becoming blind to what is waiting to inspire us. Sometimes the simplest things like taking a walk, people watching, cloud gazing, and even reading the right word can spark a whole lot of imagination into us. With that said, here’s some abstract techniques on how to find inspiration in everyday life for your next photo shoot.

Lower Your Expectations

Let’s talk human nature. In life, there are times when we set the bar too high for ourselves. Sometimes, it comes natural for us to focus on unrealistic goals, and more often than not, the outcomes aren’t usually satisfying. They frequently result in self defeat because we never gave ourselves the chance to come to terms with personal limits while embracing them! Creative blocks of any kind can come from setting your expectations too large for the apple of your eye (or should I say, mind). So in light of this truth, the first unconventional technique for you photographers to find inspiration in everyday life for your fabulous next photo shoot has to be the simple act of lowering your expectations! Shoot pictures for the fun of it, not the pressure.

Observe Your Surroundings

In this world, there is so much to be found in plain sight. Try for a day to observe your surroundings and see what sparks your inspiration. Really, as ironic as this sounds, you may find that focusing less helps to inspire more. It may be difficult to find the time to slow down during your busy week, and for photographers, their job isn’t technically routine all the time. Finding the perfect photo shoot can transform an artists career. You see, taking time to gaze at clouds, or people watching, even stopping to smell the roses, may entirely transform your perspective and inspire you to create your best photo shoot yet.

Think Less, Flow More

This one may be connected to the other two, but when you overthink something, especially when it comes to creating, it is like digging yourself in a self destruct hole. All the “what ifs” and “not good enough’s” start storming in! There are no right or wrongs when creating, and photography is one of the best ways to show that. Living in the 21st century has unleashed a new way for artists to knock down conventional walls, a new age for photographers to ‘paint’ pictures to remember, pictures to unlock emotions, pictures to change the way we think. So is thinking less and flowing more the new ‘saying less, showing more’? Absolutely. See where your mind flows when you think less about what your going to shoot pictures of, and you might be pretty darn self amazed.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Creating can be uncomfortable, and letting the world see it can be ten times more. Stepping outside of your comfort zone when it comes to photography can be hard to do considering certain techniques that artists are accustomed to, but it is possible to unlock certain doors when risks are taken. Think of Banksy, an undercover, outspoken, unconventional grafitti artist. Although he keeps his identity hidden, his art is fully exposed. The more uncomfortable his art entails, the more significant reaction from the public. And maybe that is what the world needs more of: reaction. Regardless of the reaction being good or bad, at least it made people feel something. So next time you pick up your camera, steer away from usual technique and go for a more unconventional method. You may see a whole new reaction from the world.

Stop Comparing So Much To Other Artists

While getting inspired by other photographers can be helpful, there is a fine line to falling into the comparing zone. Again this goes for everything in life, naturally we humans are insecure, envious creatures. With a little self control and confidence, those qualities don’t exist anymore. Confidence in your artwork, no matter what anyone thinks about it, is so vital to success. This can look like taking a break off social media, giving yourself some time apart from your fellow photographer friends, even isolating yourself from photographing from time to time. You may find that any of those techniques will help you feel more empowered, more creative, more inspired to get out there for your next photo shoot. After all, the ones you’ve been comparing to may feel mutual to your talent so never feel as though that you just don’t have what it takes. You have had the power to create bravely all along.

Remember your Purpose

It can be easy to forget why you do what you do after a while. Remembering your purpose as a photographer can be a quick refreshment for you if you feel like you have forgotten. Trust me, the fog of social media, advertising, big names, and constant failure may have you thinking, “Why am I even still doing this”? These are the times when you have to dig deep inside of yourself to bring out the you who knows why they started this career. You know why you picked up the camera, a little wake up call just might be necessary from time to time.

Never Stop Creating

Whatever you do, never stop creating. For photographers this means to never stop shooting pictures, hiding your camera, canceling photo shoots, giving up! ‘Creative blocks’ are acceptable because your human, but don’t let it turn into a ‘Creative Loss’. The inspiration in you will never dissapear if you keep practicing your passion to shoot. Look at it this way, retiring from something that once made you so happy doesn’t have to happen because photography was never a job, it was a way of life for you. Here, the last abstract way to inspire yourself for your next photo shoot has to be the most precious of all. Because the one who never stops creating will never stop changing the world.

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