December 1, 2022

So you’re taking her virginity, huh? Okay, wait, before you get ahead of us, we don’t mean that type of virginity. No, not the hot and heavy (and a little awkward) first time kind. We mean you are popping her boyfriend cherry! Meaning that she has never had a boyfriend before you. Strange to think of, right? However, this is a frequent thing. Often times we date people who have never dated anyone before us. This shouldn’t be cause for a struggle by any means. But we do understand why you are reaching out for more information. You may not know just what to expect when it comes to dating someone who, well, who hasn’t date at all! We are glad you came to inquire, because we definitely do have a few pointers that are guaranteed to help you out in this situation. You will no longer be worried about this ordeal and soon you will be living happily ever after with your new boo! There are a few ‘must-know’ things when it comes to dating someone who has not had a boyfriend before. And here they are:

dating a woman who has never been in a relationship

Must Knows

Take Things Slow

Yes, the very first thing that you will have to keep in mind when beginning to date someone who hasn’t had a boyfriend is to take it slow. She might want to start things off rapidly. This could be because she does not have the slightest idea about the weight of commitments. Since, of course, she hasn’t had them before. She might not realize that relationships needs time develop and grow properly. Taking it slowly when it comes to emotional connection is a brilliant idea, but it is just as good of an idea to take things slow when it comes to the physical aspects, too. She may have inexperience in both subjects and need time to learn them. She may not be comfortable do as many things in both areas as you are used to, because she isn’t used to them at all.

She Might Be Dramatic

pretty girl never had a boyfriend

First relationships always seem to be a little intense. Emotions can rise very high and things can get pretty heated. This can have a positive or negative impact on the relationship. So that is why it is important to be careful with how dramatic she might be. Make sure to think about the best solutions to situations by evaluating them from all sides. Don’t feed into the drama. Try to keep things calm and less intense. This will lead to less arguing or crazy antics from either of you. More than anything though, it is just vital for you to remember that she is going to be dramatic. Keep it in mind when things get rough between you. This will help you mentally prepare.

You Will Need To Establish Boundaries

Since she has never exclusively dated anyone else before, she might not understand that relationships have boundaries. These boundaries could pertain to things such as compromising, jealousy, trust, etc. You will want to let her know how you feel about these things and establish those boundaries. Without boundaries, things can turn into a chaotic mess. This will not only create structure in your relationship, but it will help to prevent major problems in the future.

You Will Need To Be Strong Support

Since she has never had a boyfriend before, she might not be used to having someone to rely on. This is going to be an entirely new thing to her. So she is going to come to you now for everything and anything. This means that you will need to be strong and patient support for her. And you can let her know that you are always going to be there for her. However, if it becomes overwhelming, you can step back and take a look at those boundaries that we discussed earlier. If you want, you can implement boundaries here as well. Let her know what things you don’t mind being her support for and which, if any, that you do. This is going to be important when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Communication Is Key

girlfriend has never had a boyfriend before

Because she has always been single, she is not going to be used to having to communicate everything with someone else. It might take a little learning on her end. Lack of or too much of communication can be the death of relationships in a quick manner. She may not be used to having to tell someone else things or explain how she feels to them. She might need a little coaxing to be open about how she feels. You may need to remind her of the important things that need to be communicated between the two of you.

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