November 27, 2022

Getting into a relationship is always exciting and such a wonderful thing to experience. But even the most wonderful things come with quirks. No relationship is perfect. There is always going to be something that might set it back. Like when she doesn’t let you pick the music in the car or the two of you have different opinions on politics. The range of problems is pretty wide. And one of those problems may end up being that she never posts pictures of you two together. This can be a little damaging to you, because it kind of makes you wonder, ‘Huh. What’s going on here?’ And we get why you would find yourself concerned. When you start seeing someone, you generally are pretty stoked to share your partnership with the world. We live in a time where social media has taken over our daily lives. We post everything from our selfies to the food we eat to the people that we love. So our self esteem might struggle a little bit at staying up high when our partner never wants to post pictures of us with them on their social media. What’s worse is when they downright refuse to. This can make you feel a little skeptical.

girlfriend has no pictures of me on facebook

But there are many things that might be preventing her from posting that pic. Want to know what they are? Just keep reading to find out!

The Reasons Why She Never Posts Pictures Of You

She’s Not Huge On Social Media

Believe it or not- Some people are just not that into social media. There are still those people out there that find themselves leading a little more of an old fashioned lifestyle. They don’t believe that everything needs to go on the internet. They would rather just experience things for themselves. They don’t care about sharing those experiences with others on social media. Which, even if we don’t do it ourselves, is totally understandable. Does she post a lot on social media as it is? If not, this might be the reason she never posts pictures of you two together.

She Likes To Keep Her Romances Private

Or maybe she does use social media frequently. However, she might want to keep her romance on the down low. Not for any negative reason, but just because she wants to keep you all to herself. She could have a jealous personality type and not want other girls liking the pictures of you. She doesn’t want anyone to comment on it!

girlfriend never takes pictures with me

She Is Hiding You From Someone

Do you know of anyone in  her friend or family groups that might take up an issue with your relationship? Does her father not like you? Her best friend? She may not have told them that you two are dating. This could be what is holding her back from being public about her relationship with you. You could simply ask her what is up and why she is so nervous to post something of you together. You never know, she could just be avoiding confrontation with someone else in her life. Of course this will have to be addressed at some point if you are going to continue seeing one another. However, you should let her do it in her own time. This is, after all, her life and her family;/friends. Rushing things could lead to major backlash. She might not be ready for that just yet.

You Haven’t Taken Any Good Pictures Together

Think about how you take pictures with her. Do they turn out well? Do you ever smile? Are you always looking like you might be constipated? This could be exactly why she hasn’t been super eager to post anything relating to you guys. She might not want to say it to your face, but she probably doesn’t like the way that the photos are turning out. Try making more of an effort to get better pictures. She might start posting them if they actually start looking halfway decent! Putting a little effort in can go a long way in situations like this!

She’s Camera Shy

Has she ever been someone who posts a lot of pictures or selfies to social media? If not, she might just be a little too camera shy for stuff like that. She might think the thought of posting photos is nice, but she has no intentions of ever doing so. She just doesn’t feel like it’s necessary. Maybe it’s not that you look bad in the pictures, but she thinks she looks bad in the pictures! This can be an issue with a lot of people, because their insecurities tend to get the best of them. Don’t take it too personally. Because if this is the reason then it truly has nothing to do with you at all!

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