November 27, 2022

Dating is usually a pretty good time, but there can be difficulties that might arise when you start seeing someone new. You might find out that you two have nothing in common. Or you could discover deep dark secrets of her past. Or you could run into something a little more along the lines of she never does her part. What could that mean? She might not reciprocate some of the actions you take. Such as paying for a date. Although some guys do not like it when girls offer to pay the check, there are some that absolutely do. Just the offer is a nice gesture. But what if she never offers? What are you supposed to do and how are you supposed to go about doing it?

Don’t worry!!!

she never pays for dates

We know that this may be a major dilemma momentarily, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can definitely find a way to fix this problem. And it should go smoothly. All you have to do is keep reading this article and soon everything will be resolved.

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Reasons She Might Not Offer To Pay

She’s Old Fashioned

Yes, there are still some people out there, men and women alike, who are old fashioned about certain things when it comes to dating. She might have been raised or taught to believe that it is the man’s duty to pay for everything. And although that isn’t fair and shouldn’t be true, that is just how she thinks of things. She takes no issue with you always reaching to pay the check. This is how she prefers it. She might never change either unless you talk to her about it.

She’s Broke

Sometimes we don’t offer to pay the bill because we just can’t. In this economy, a lot of people are suffering financially. Especially the younger generations. She might actually just not have money to put out. She knows that it is rude to never offer, but she honestly does not have a choice. If you want to take her on a date, the only option is that you pay. Because she doesn’t have the funds to do so! We know that sucks to hear, but it could be true!

She Is Stingy With Money

Or it could be that she is just simply a cheapskate. She doesn’t like to reach for the check, because she doesn’t want to spend her hard earned cash on something as silly as food or drink. She wants you to take the bill, because she doesn’t want to spend a single dime. Yes, this makes her selfish. And yes, you should talk to her about it. Because that just isn’t fair to you, now is it? Not at all.

She Doesn’t Think About It

Or she might just never think about paying the bill. Do you always just automatically go to pay? She might not jump in and say anything, because she might think that if you are reaching then there is no reason to offer. She could actually think that this is what you prefer. Unless you have already made your preferences apparent to her.

She’s Saving For Something Else

How long have the two of you been seeing each other? If it is a long term thing that you have going on, she might actually be up to something else. She could be saving every cent that she has for something much bigger. Like a gift for you or a vacation that the two of you might be taking together! You never know!

girlfriend thinks i should pay for everything

What To Do About It

Just because she never offers to pay doesn’t mean that you can’t work something out. You don’t have to end your relationship with her over it. There are things that you can do to solve this problem. You just have to be willing to put a little effort it.

Talk To Her About It

The only way that you can address this problem and solve it is by talking to her. You will need to sit her down and have a serious discussion about it if you want to see things change. First, you need to ask her why she never offers to pay for anything. This will help you better understand her side of things. Becauses, remember, there are two sides to every single story. Secondly, you should let her know how you feel about it. She is never going to change if she does not see how much this is bothering you. Both of you need to be open and honest to make this problem dissipate.

Work Out An Arrangement

After you have aired out the dirty laundry, you move on to working out an arrangement. If she is willing to, that is. You can decide a system for paying for things. Making things easier for both of you. You can either go ‘Dutch’, as they say, by paying  half and half for everything or you can opt to trade off. You pay for one meal and she pays for the next. You can rotate back and forth. That way everything is equal.

Good luck!

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