November 27, 2022

Intimacy is a huge part in making a relationship work and keeping it healthy. Intimacy is what brings you and your partner together. It is what sets you apart from your other friends. You two share something special, that allows you to break down those barriers and become closer physically and mentally with one another. Without these connections, a relationship will undoubtedly fail. It’s impossible to remain happy with a partner if one or both of you are refusing to break through those specific barriers and create an atmosphere of comfort regarding them. All in all, you should be able to be close with your partner. Especially physically. So when she doesn’t feel the same way, what do you do? You might have noticed that your girlfriend is not much for touching. She may  not like her to have her hand held very often and she may be completely against things that invade her personal space. Such as hugging. The question is: Why? Why would the person that you are supposed to be closest to, have an issue with being physically intimate with you? What could be preventing her from wanting to touch you the same way that you want to touch her? There are a few different things that may lead to this problem. Fortunately, we know what they are! So we have them listed out below for you. These should help you get a better idea about why she never hugs you!

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The Reasons

It’s An Environmental Outcome

It is very common to see people with physical intimacy issues when they come from a family full of people who also have them. This means that she could have been raised by a father or mother that was not big on touching. She might not be able to recall the last time she received a hug from one or both of them. They were not big huggers. Her household may think of that kind of intimacy as foreign. It could be frowned upon where she is from, to be that close with someone else. She could have been raised with strict limits and boundaries when it comes to this type of behavior. This happens all of the time. If this is the reason why she never hugs you, there is really no need to be too concerned. Why? Because it is apparent that if this is the reason, there is nothing wrong with your relationship or with the way that she feels about you. She was just simply raised to be non-touchy feely. You may be able to coax her over time into becoming more comfortable with hugs. She might simply need reassurance that it is okay to do with you.

She Has Physical Trauma

Trauma is another thing that you might want to consider as a reason to explain why she never hugs you. Sometimes when people go through extremely traumatic physical experiences, it can prevent them from wanting to be physical with people in the future. This could mean that she really has a hard time bringing herself to touch, let alone hug, others. This does not mean that she is not fond of you or that she doesn’t care for your bond. It just means that she struggles to bring out that side of her because of what she may have gone through in the past. Physical disconnect is definitely common with people who have faced traumas in this categories. It may take her awhile to become comfortable enough with you to start giving regular hugs.

She Is Not Comfortable Yet

Speaking of being comfortable… Even if she has not went through any trauma, she might just not be ready to be that type of close with you. She could be a little more old fashion and think that this type of intimacy is best saved for when the two of you are better acquainted. This is often the reason that might prevent her from hugging you if the two of you are just friends and nothing more at this time. It might take her some time to warm up to the idea of giving you hugs. She may need more time to get to know you and become closer with you. She could even need more emotionally from you before diving into physical intimacy.

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She Has Personal Space Issues

And then there are just certain people who are born with intimacy issues. They have a hard time with people invading her personal space. These are the kinds of people that tend to have invisible bubbles around them. She could just be set in her ways with this, too. There might not be anyway to bring her around to regularly giving you hugs. When people like this give consistent hugs, it can make them feel almost claustrophobic. What if this is the reason? Well, we suggest getting used to the lack of hugs, because it will most likely stay that way.

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