December 1, 2022

When it comes to maneuvering the world of dating sometimes we come to a crossroads with our partners. They can be the type of crossroads that bring us to a complete halt, ending our relationship, or they can be ones that simply make us think, slowing it down. From infidelity to lying to compromise to equality. These are all important things that need to be confronted when they appear in front of us. Especially when presented in negative ways. When not confronted, these things tend to fester within one, or both, partners and can bring on the feeling of resentment. Resentment is like cancer to a connection and will poison you, as well as your partner, over time. Don’t let that happen.

i feel like my girlfriend doesn't appreciate me

How do you do that? By tackling the problem head on. Today we are here to discuss what happens when your partner (she) never puts forth effort to do anything for you. This could be favors, gifts, chores, errands, etc. Whatever it is for you, she’s just not doing it, correct? And that’s problematic to say the least. We get that. Which is why we are here to figure out exactly why your girlfriend or wife never does anything for you.

The Reasons Why

You Never Do Anything For Her

You absolutely cannot expect her to go out of her way to do things for you when you would not do the same for her. Relationships are all about treating each other as equals. Both needs and wants should be met. This will never be a one sided thing. If you are not doing anything for her, why should she want to do anything for you? She might be more apt to start doing these things for you if you were to also start doing those things for her. Have you been accommodating her when she asks for favors? Have you ever, more than once, surprised her with a gift? Do you go out of your way to take care of her? If not, take this reason sincerely. She might not be doing these things for you, because you do not do them for her. This is not saying that you will be obligated to do these things, but it sure would work in your favor. Try doing the things you want from her, to her and see if she starts to reciprocate the actions.

She Never Does Anything For Me

She Is Not Aware If Her Lack Of Action

Have you thought about what she has done for you versus what she hasn’t? It might be time to consider that she may think that she is doing important things for you. You may just not be receptive to those actions, because you are yearning for different types of gestures. She could be completely unaware that something is missing or wrong when it comes to this situation. She,might feel like what she is doing for you is more than enough. It’s important not to get greedy. You cannot expect her to do everything that you want all of the time. Note the gestures she does make and try to give her credit for those. Even if it isn’t exactly what you were looking for. You can always try asking her why she does not do the other things for you. Why she only does certain things and not others. You never know, she might have a good answer to those questions! And from there you can both work on getting what you want when it comes to doing things for each other. You can try to reach a compromise in the end.

She Is Angry With You

Sometimes one partner will completely stop doing things for their counterpart if they are upset, sad or angry. Frustration is the key that locks the niceties away. For a short time, that is. Can you think of a reason why she may be unhappy with you lately? Address that ordeal and try to find a solution to make her feel better. This might unlock the door and bring her back to wanting to do things for you again. However, just letting her stay upset will eventually bring her to give up entirely. Possibly on the entire relationship that you two have.

She Feels Underappreciated

You may find that she was, at one point, doing things for you. And now suddenly all of that has come to abrupt end. This could be because she was feeling underappreciated for the previous things that she was helping you with or doing for you. It’s important to be grateful to your partner. It is like when you work hard at your job, but no one ever praises you for it. That could make you not want to try as hard any longer. Because why? If we aren’t getting the props we deserve, there might not be any motivation left in us to work that hard. This could be the reason why she never does anything for you.

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