December 1, 2022

Texting the girl that you like is an amazing feeling indeed. Getting that text back sure puts a big ol’ smile on your face each and every time! But that grin might run away from your face as soon as you realize something… That she never takes time out of her day to call you. She never has and, at this point, you aren’t sure if she ever will. This can be a major disappointment. Especially if you are someone that really enjoys using your vocal cords to communicate. She hasn’t rang you up and asked you how your day was. This might make you feel a little bit anxious. But we promise there’s nothing to worry about, pal! There might be an abundance of reasons as to why she hasn’t hit dial just yet. And not every one of them is negative. Sometimes, people just don’t like to call. Anyone… Ever! Including you.

she doesn't want to talk on the phone

Reasons She’s Not Calling You

She’s Just Not Ready

We’re going to be blunt with you here- A major reason that someone might not be dialing those digits is because they simply haven’t gathered up the courage to go for it just yet. Just think… You may make her nervous! That could be what is preventing her from calling you. People tend to feel a little more comfortable, not to mention safe, texting someone. It leaves less room for error. Like saying the wrong thing or blurting out something that they shouldn’t have out of nervousness. She could feel like she is more in control behind a screen. Where she can edit what she says and think carefully about it before she presses ‘send’. Who can blame her for not wanting to make a fool out of herself?

She Isn’t Too Familiar With You Yet

It is normal for someone to wait to call you until they get a little more familiar with you. How long have the two of you known each other? What is your technical relationship status? We ask, because if you haven’t known each other that long and you don’t have a serious relationship, she might want to wait until things progress a little more. Right now she is using texting as a way to get to know you and evaluate if the two of you are compatible with each other. Calling really isn’t a popular form of communication in today’s day and age. Because of all the other applications that are available to message someone. Even using Facebook or Snapchat is more comfortable than calling someone on their line. She might just be taking her time before making that next step. We totally get it.

she texts but won't call

She Doesn’t Opt For Calling Service

This is not the most common reason as to why she might never call and only texts you, but it can still be a reason. Some people do not pay for a calling feature on their phone. This is becoming more and more seen across the world. People just don’t feel the need to call on the phone anymore. Not with all the other ways they can communicate with each other. Heck, they may not even pay for a texting service. A lot of people opt for Wifi only and don’t pay a bill at all. Well, besides their internet bill. This saves them money. There are also alternative apps they can use if they do need to make a call! However, most of them do not give you a number of your own or cost money to use.

Her Phone Manners Are Awful

We can assume that nowadays not everyone is equipped with proper phone etiquette. That era is definitely over. It’s rare to find someone that does have the manners needed to constantly be on the phone vocally. Texting, IM-ing, DM-ing… Whatever you want to call it, has made its presence epic across the globe. Over time people have stopped calling as much and have lost their proper calling behaviors. This is especially true for adolescents and young adults! Not being able to use GIFs or Emojis and having to think quickly about what you’re going to say is not everybody’s jam. She might get nervous about the lack of all the features!

why does she text but not call

The Relationship Isn’t Serious Enough

There would be no reason for her to call someone that she isn’t serious with. We mentioned previously that she might be using texting as a way to determine if the two of you are compatible. This might be a factor in this reason as well. She could be also talking to multiple people at one time. She has not yet decided which suitor she wants to pursue back. Unfortunately for you. She might become more apt to call you once the two of you get to know one another a little better. And once she determines you are a good fit for her.

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