November 27, 2022

Dating is so nice. It’s all smiles, intimacy and giggles. Until, of course, you find a flaw with the relationship. Giggles might fade away and intimacy could slow down. How do you address these issues? By finding the problem and solving it, duh! Well, what if the problem is that you are happy with your girl, but she never seems to put effort in. Such as she never goes out of her way to buy you anything. Gifts, food, clothes, etc. Whatever it may be, when you have been dating long term, you would think that your partner would want to gift you with something every now and then. And that is a safe assumption to make. Usually when you are in a relationship, both parties like to buy things for their significant other. This is just a natural part of dating someone. Normally one person pays for something and the next time, the other person dishes out the cash. Unless you are in a sugar mama/daddy type of position. Which obviously isn’t the case for you or you would not be here searching for some clarification as to why she never buys you anything.

my wife did nothing for my birthday

So the question is: Why doesn’t she buy you stuff? Well, there could be several different reasons behind this. Keep reading to see what they are!

The Reasons

She Is Broke

Most of the time when someone never pulls out their wallet, it’s simply because they can’t. That does not mean that they don’t want to! No, instead they just do not have the funds to do so. This might break her heart, but she probably doesn’t want to tell you that she is poor outright. She might be embarrassed to tell you. She could think that you would judge her for it. So she might just do her best to avoid having to buy you anything. Think about it. Does she generally pick cheap places to go when you two go out? Does she not buy new clothes or belongings very often? Is she jobless? These might insinuate that she is having tough times financially.

She Is ‘Old Fashioned’

There are still women out there that believe the man should pick up the check… On everything. And although it isn’t ideal, it’s just true. Some people just live their lives that way. She might have been raised to believe that the man is supposed to be the one doing the doting. She likes when you pay the tab or buy her gifts. But she never thinks of returning the favor. And she is not going to realize that you have a problem with it. That probably has not even crossed her mind. She thinks it is totally normal for her not to have to do anything financially in the relationship. That may be why she never buys you anything. You can try to talk to her about this. Let her know that it does bug you that she never does her part when it comes to funding. You never know, she might change her view on the whole thing if you just let her know!

She Doesn’t Realize It

She might not realize that she hasn’t done anything for you. She may be oblivious to the entire thing actually. This happens a lot when you first start seeing each other. This is less likely to be the reasoning if you two have been dating for a longer amount of time. You may have just not given her enough time to start buying you stuff. You should only start to worry about this issue if the relationship gets a little more serious!

girlfriend didn't get me a birthday present

She Believes It’s Each Individual For Themselves

There is a chance that she is the type of person who likes to fend for themselves. Meaning that she doesn’t want you to buy her anything and she does not feel it is necessary for her to buy you anything. She prefers to do everything 50/50. This is a stance many people take in the modern age. This keeps things from getting messy or resentful when or if the two of you have a falling out. That way nothing can be held against her in the end.

She Isn’t That Into You

She might not be that into you bro. Therefore she doesn’t think that it’s important to gift you anything or pay for anything when it comes to you. She simply is not that invested at this time. This happens a lot when you are casually dating someone. She might start buying you more things when the two of you get a bit more committed with one another.

She Has Something Big Planned

If you two have been dating for an extended period of time, she might not have broke out her piggy bank in awhile because she is trying to save for something more important. She could be planning a trip for you two to take or she could be saving for a big gift for you. Especially if it is around the time of the holidays, a birthday or an anniversary!

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