December 1, 2022

Maybe a guy asked for your number and started texting or maybe you decided to make the first step and text him. Either way, it sounds like it’s going down a good path. But when you message now, you realize your messages aren’t being sent through. In fact…it looks like he blocked you. Of course, you’re probably confused, it doesn’t make sense, why would he block you? Well, don’t freak out, there are a couple reasons why a guy would block you on Whatsapp.

he blocked me on facebook for no reason

You’re angry when he doesn’t reply

The thing with Whatsapp is that if he hasn’t changed his privacy settings, you can see when he was last online. Now, sure, this will help you see his activity but what if he doesn’t reply to your messages but was just online? You’re probably pissed off. But instead of keeping that rage to yourself, you texted him and told him this. The problem is, he doesn’t have to reply to you right away. He may be at work, with friends, or just doesn’t feel like it right now. This doesn’t mean he isn’t into you, he’s just not able to reply right now. Now that you freaked out at him, he blocked you.

He doesn’t want to contact you

Maybe you two dated in the past or he wants to move on but can’t seem to. Well, he may have chosen to block you so he can attempt to move on. Having you in texting distance is a dangerous thing for him. If he drank, he’ll want to send you a drunk text and he just doesn’t want the risk, so instead, he blocked you. He needs space is basically the reason.

He’s taken

Maybe he has a girlfriend or wife that you’re unaware of. If he’s this type of guy, then he’s probably trying to balance his normal life with his side life. But no matter how careful he is, at some point something will pop up. Maybe he’ll change his status photo on Whatsapp or Facebook to one with him and his girlfriend/wife and you’ll see it. He knows you’ll react and he doesn’t want that to happen, so, for him, it’s best if he just blocks you. It’ll save him the risk of losing his girlfriend/wife.

He’s giving you the finger

Who knows what you did, I mean, only you know but he clearly isn’t happy with you. So as revenge, he decided to block you on Whatsapp. He doesn’t want you to contact him in any way, shape, or form.

when a guy blocks you on whatsapp

He’s scared

Maybe the breakup was messy, maybe he was supposed to show up to his own wedding and bailed on you at the last minute. Regardless of what he did, he’s scared of you. Maybe you’re completely innocent or maybe you’re known to have a temper but the point is, he doesn’t want to deal with the consequences of his actions. So, he blocks you on Whatsapp instead, it’s much easier than having to hear you yell at him on the phone.

It hurts him

I know this may sound weird, but he may be checking your account, seeing when you were last online and honestly, it hurts him. Though you may not be speaking to him, he still has a direct line of communication with you and he can’t bear to see that you two aren’t speaking. Not being able to speak to you sucks and having you there is a constant reminder of the fact that it’s over. So, instead, he decides to go cold-turkey and block you. That way, he’ll be able to get over you.

When a guy blocks you on Whatsapp, it can be for various reasons. At the end of the day, you’re really the only one, aside from him, who knows what happened in the relationship. Before you start freaking out, look at your relationship and what happened right before he blocked you. Usually, there’s a very evident reason why. But you can always bounce back from this, just give him some space to think things through. If he blocked you, it’s clear that he needs some time away from you. And sometimes that works out really well for you in the long run.

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