July 6, 2022
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7 thoughts on “Question of the DAY!!! Is it OK for a woman to propose to a man?

  1. ‘I’d have no issues’
    Lata (name changed) is a 28-year-old copy editor
    If my boyfriend and I are ready to take the plunge I have no issues with proposing to him. I think that as long as two people can imagine a life together the decision of who will make it official doesn’t matter.

  2. It's up to the family anyway’
    Raghu (name changed) is a 31-year-old marketing manager
    We should leave this silly obsession with romantic proposals to teenage girls and fans of Hollywood films, it has no connection to real life. I have recently had what people might call a love-cum-arranged marriage and we wrapped up the whole affair without anyone having to propose to anyone. Why do I have to bother about the woman proposing or the man proposing when we know that things will be finalised only if their families approve of each other.

  3. ‘Proposing is old fashioned’
    Cherian (name changed) is a 30-year-old lecturer
    The idea of anyone proposing to someone they want to be with is a little old fashioned. I don’t think dating or marriage works like that anymore. When my girlfriend and I started seeing each other it just sort of happened, no one had to ask anyone out. And I’m sure that if we do decide to get married the decision won’t be made on the basis of some dramatic gesture, it will be based on mutual conversations about it.

  4. ‘She’d be domineering’
    Umesh (name changed) is a 25-year-old sales representative
    I like girls who are modern but I will be worried if a girl proposes to me. If she is okay with proposing to someone it means that she wants to be domineering in all aspects of life and I don’t want to marry someone like that.

  5. ‘I’d never let it happen’
    Ashish (name changed) is a 27-year-old sound engineer
    If I really wanted to marry a girl I would never let it come to the point of her proposing to me. If a girl is expecting me to propose and I haven’t done anything about it that doesn’t mean I’m too scared to ask and I want her to do it instead, it simply means that I’m not interested in her like that.

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