September 25, 2022

1. They should be able to give respect your to your beliefs and also appreciate your values. 
2. They should be capable of helping you in growing as a person. 
3. They must be able to trust you, and you should be able to develop to trust them. 
4. They are supposed to be the ones who will be able to love all of you without neglecting even one quality. 
5. They should be happy to make you smile. 

6. They are supposed to be okay with the occasional night in. 
7. Making time together with you should be of their high priority list and
they must be happy with it. 
8. They must realize that they have a life outside of your relationship. 
9. They must be generous enough to express why they appreciate you and why they love you. 
10. They must be willing to make compromises with you and also in and out of the relationship.
11. They must respect your mom and dad as the respect your relationship. 
12. They must earn your trust and have to inspire you through that earned trust. 
13. They should be able to admit their shortcomings instead of hiding it deep within them. 
14. They should make you attracted to them and captivate in their interest. 
15. They should have the same feeling and aim as you do and must able to share your vision for the future. 
16. They should be able to give their love for you without expecting anything in return from you. 
17. They don’t constantly try to “one-up” you, they must not go behind something that can cause damage to your relationship. 
18. They can be with you in the present moment and in all states of your life they should hold your hand and be there for you when other’s ignore you. 
19. They must be able to turn you on so could not expect a life without them. 
20. They are supposed to be truly willing to confront their demons for you just to be with you. 

21. They don’t let feelings fester inside. 
22. No matter whatever happens they must always be honest with you. 
23. And they should not change the love and passion they have for you for any one else. 
24. They should love you any where, any time, now, today, as you are and for who you are.
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