September 29, 2022

Are you using Quora to drive traffic to your site? If you’re not then you are missing a great opportunity to increase the views on your site.



In this article, you  read tips, ideas on how to use Quora to drive traffic to you site and at the same time make money from Quora it a case study of

But before we get into this we need to recap what Quora is for those who don’t know

What is Quora?

Quora describes it’self  as “A place to share knowledge and better understand the world”

It is a Question and Answers platform where you can ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.

In other words, you want to know something then you ask the question on Quora and if you know the answer you can contribute your thoughts and ideas to answer the question.

If you search for something on Google you will very often find Quora answers popping up on page one of Google and this is really good news to bloggers and site owners who have asked those questions or contributed valuable answers to those questions

Quora works so well because it is SEO friendly. The title of a question asked becomes the URL and so by adding your keywords into your question you produce content that Google instantly recognizes and understands.

When you then mix in good contributions from site authorities and replies that link to authority pages and that help answer the question intent you have quality content that is long in words with good external linking.


How to write Quora Questions that rank on Google

This is very simple really because Quora actually helps us do this by the way the site is set up to work.

When you ask a question on Quora your question becomes your posts URL. so in order to rank your questions on Google, you need your keyword phrase to be in your title so that it is then in your URL.

So let me give you an example of a question that I wrote on Quora that is currently doing very well.

I wrote an article a while back now that showed a workaround that I had developed that gives clickable links on Instagram called How To Add Clickable Links On Instagram.

This article ranks on page one on Google so it is a well-received article.

But if you google for clickable links on Instagram you will also see my Quora question – How do I add clickable links on Instagram posts? And this question ranks number 1 on Google and extremely well for a number of related keywords. So it is outperforming my own article.

How to drive traffic to your site with Quora - Search results

So why is this a big deal?

Well, it is a big deal because it is driving a lot of traffic to Infobunny.

You can see my current upward trend on Alexa in the screen capture above.

This one Quora question is helping to significantly boost my traffic plus it provides a pretty authoritative do follow link to my article.

So how did I get my Question to rank on Quora?

Well, first of all, I wrote a question about a topic that I knew would get traffic based on how well my main article ranks.

Quora then applied their very friendly SEO approach by making the question title the URL and making the title an H1Tag

I then added my main article link as the source on the question giving me a do follow link back to my article.

And then finally I invited 25 Quora members to then answer the question to start the conversation and that is pretty much it.

And that is pretty much it.

Keep Reading there is more.

All of the above is enough of a reason for any blogger or wanting to boost their sites traffic and their authority to join Quora.

But there is another very, very good reason to join Quora and that is because of the Quora Partner Program.

The Quora Partner Program

Valued members of Quora are invited to join their Partner Program and basically, the Partner Program monetizes your questions and you are paid against the ad revenue that your questions generate.

There is no sign-up form for the program.

To be invited you just have to use the site well and wait for your invite. You will see a text link appear asking if you want to join, just click it and follow the prompts to complete your Partner Program sign-up.


So let’s look at again at my Clickable Links on Instagram question and see how the Partner Progam influences it.

Take a look at the screen capture below.

How to drive traffic to your site with Quora - Earnings


My question was asked on Sep 25.

There are around 150 members following this question and in total so far I have requested that 100 members answer this question (you can request 25 per day)and have so far we have 75 answers.

Then we come to the big stat. This one question has earned £126.05 in Pounds Sterling and that is around $160 Us Dollars currently in just over 1 month.

Each question that you write is monetized for 12 months.

Potentially this one question will pay $1700 over the 12 months and that is just one question.

Of course, not all questions will perform like this one. but if your regularly asking good questions then you have a pretty good income stream that is generated while you build traffic and authority to your site.


Getting paid by Quora

If you are a member based in the USA then when you reach $5.00 in earnings you will be prompted to create a Stripe account.

When you reach $10.00 you can request payment.

Quora pays their Uk members via Paypal and we are happy to share with our readers that we have received our first payment as shown below.

How to drive traffic to your site with Quora - Payment Proof

Quick Tips to build traffic with Quora

1. Ask questions related to search users intent.

In other words, write questions around the related searches and people also ask questions that you find on Google search when you are looking something up.

These are terms and phrases that Google deems important enough to show and so we know they get search traffic.

They are shown to help you discover the information that you are looking for because sometimes you don’t know how to phrase what you are looking for so these suggestions are there to help you join the dots.

2. Answer Questions

Answering questions are BIG if you want to boost traffic. Just like with blog commenting you need to really take your time answering questions fully.

Link to good sources to qualify what you are saying and also incorporate one or two of your own site links for click-through traffic.

You can also link into your own related questions which is good for internal linking within Quora.

If someone writes a great question that is related to the one you have written then go answer it and link to your own related question and channel some of that questions traffic and juice to your own.

When your answers are valuable your receive upvotes and this helps you get seen by more people and so your traffic can snowball.

3. Optimize your questions

Quora is very SEO friendly so make sure your questions have your keyword phrase well positioned within the title. As you now know this also translates into the URL.

To further emphasize what the question is about you can be the first person to answer the question, making sure that you fully qualify your answer. Spread in lots related keyword phrases into your answer and produce something that Google will really like.

4. Social share

Quora questions are indexed and ranked so it makes perfect sense to share and promote them.

Facebook and Twitter are great options also you can use Reddit or anywhere where you have a following.


How to drive traffic to your site


How to drive traffic to your site with Quora – Takeaways

There are 3 main reasons to become a Quora Member

1. Improve Authority and Reputation

This something that we should all be doing to improve our standing with Google.

2. Traffic Generation

Masses of traffic awaits your site if you answer questions well by adding value to them. You should be aiming to add answers of at least 300-600 words as a very minimum.

But the bigger you go the better for Quora and how the te members view you.

3. The Quora Partner Program

Like I said earlier reasons 1 and 2 are enough to make any sain person join Quora but when you mix in the Partner Program as well then you really do have something very special with Quora

How to drive traffic with Quora


That’s all for now.

So, are you a Quora Member?

Are you in the Partner Program?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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