September 28, 2022

In this new article, we are talking about creative ways to make money with Instagram and sharing with you some of our favourite Instagram earning tricks

We will be covering:

  • Dropshipping with Instagram
  • Becoming an Influencer
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Selling your products
  • Growing and selling Instagram accounts
  • Marketing services

And many more Instagram earning tricks

Let’s get started!

Instagram earning tricks

Instagram continues to make leaps and bounds on becoming one of the most popular websites on the internet.

New users are joining it every day, and such a trend is turning out to be quite an incentive for businesses.

Of course, you do not have to be a big corporation to make a living off of Instagram.

Even an average person with next to no experience in digital marketing can make money if they employ a few clever Instagram earning tricks.

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Instagram Earning Tricks – Creative Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Everything Starts with Followers

You cannot expect to monetize your Insta account without followers.

The first goal is to make sure that your account is healthy and has a good engagement rate.

This is what you need to do in order to see the number of followers grow:

    • Optimize your bio. Include contact information and some facts about the account itself.
      A few keywords and hashtags are also recommended, as they make you easier to find.
    • Regular posting. Try to keep up with the schedule and post at least once every day.
    • High-quality pictures. You need to ensure that every image has good quality.
      If you feel like your smartphone is not good enough, consider getting a camera.
    • Relevant hashtags. Users will not see your posts without hashtags.
      See what the most popular accounts in your niche use, and copy them until you can come up with something on your own.
    • Engage. You need to be active and engage with your followers as well as other accounts.
      Authentic communication is a good way to show that you care.Now that you have more followers, it is time to start making the dough.


Instagram Earning Tricks - Creative Ways To Make Money On Instagram


A lot of entrepreneurs tend to invest the majority of their budget in organic traffic.

However, social media platforms like Instagram can be an excellent source to make more sales as it is rich in traffic

The audience here is entirely different from one that comes from other channels.

It would be worth checking out whether you can turn in more profit from Instagram if you dedicate a decent amount of resources on it.

This method is especially effective if you have a lot of great pictures of the products you are advertising.

Becoming an Influencer

You have to deal with quite a few things in order to become an influencer.

Nevertheless, plenty of individuals have reached that point starting from zero, meaning that if they can do it, so can you.

Having a status of influencer is what so many people strive for because life becomes much easier.

You can promote products of other companies by simply mentioning them in your posts or uploading a picture using that product.

The biggest players on Instagram make thousands per post, so it is no surprise that this has become a common dream.

Affiliate Marketing

Similar to influencing, but different at the same time, affiliate marketing has found its place on Instagram as well.

Your goal with this method is to sell the product rather than raise brand awareness.

Plenty of companies will be more than eager to sign up with you provided that you have enough followers.

Some of the most popular options for this Instagram earning trick are ShareASaleEbates and Stylinity.

Keep in mind that you cannot put URLs on Instagram, (or can you? – see below) and using link shorteners like Bitly is inevitable.


You can promote products by writing a blog on Instagram.

Each post you make on Instagram can be a blog after all a blog is just a page of text and an image or video.

With some clever text and layout formatting, you can easily use Instagram as a blog and you don’t even need your own website, though we do recommend that you do.

As long as your posts are interesting and are accompanied by a great picture, your readers will be willing to immerse themselves and follow you’re every word.

Similar is possible on other social sites like Quora and Wakelet.

Sell Your Products

Handmade jewellery, clothes, accessories, phones cases, and anything else will sell on Instagram, as long as the product looks great and is made out of quality material.

Instagram users are always looking for unique things they can showcase to others.

This narcissistic behaviour is another opportunity for those who are looking to make money.

Grow and Sell Instagram Accounts

You will find that a lot of people are looking to purchase accounts that already have followers.

Growing one from scratch takes a lot of effort, and not everyone is capable of accomplishing something like that.

Instagram Marketing Services

Learn how to write captivating posts, come up with unique hashtags, master video editing and you will never be short of work.

Those pretty Instagram models are not the ones making the content.

Someone else is responsible for that, and it could be you.

Instagram Earning Tricks – Creative Ways to Make Money on Instagram – Takeaways

All in all, Instagram is a great place to make money as long as you are willing to learn about digital marketing and go through trial and error.

Once you get the hang of it, the platform could become your sole source of income, with more money than you could spend.

That’s all for now.

So are you an Instagram member?

Have you ever made any money there?

Do you have any earing tricks of your own that you would like to share with us?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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