December 1, 2022

Relationships… Where to even begin! There are so many tricky obstacles you will face in a long term, committed relationship. There will be squabbles, mistakes and so many other things that will seem like roadblocks in your way to the next milestone. However, most strong couples tough it out and survive still loving each other! But what are some hurdles that can be difficult to jump right over? Well, one might be when your girlfriend never seems to apologize to you. It does not matter what happened or if she was in the wrong, she still does not seem to be filled with a single regret about any of it. Ouch. That can sting. Especially if it happens over and over again. What are you supposed to think? Why won’t she just say she’s sorry? Well, women are complicated, as we all know. So there might not be only one reason she isn’t apologizing, but there could be several. And we know what they are! We have them listed below for you to scope out right now.

how to deal with someone who is never wrong

The Reasons

She Isn’t Wrong

Alright, so we know that you aren’t going to like this reason, but you have to consider it as an option for sure. So she might not be apologizing to you, because she honestly shouldn’t have to. You may have actually been in the wrong the entire time about these things and not even be aware of it! Sure, that’s not what you want to hear, but you have to think hard about it. Were you wrong? Did you do something where you owe her an apology? This can happen when two people miscommunicate with each other. She might think that whatever the problem is, is a totally different problem than what you think it is. You two might not be on the same page. The best thing to do in this situation is to sit down and have a conversation about whatever is going on. Let her get her side out and then you can say your piece. This is the only way that the two of you will be able to figure out where you stand on the issue.

She Doesn’t Believe She’s Wrong

Or, on the contrary, she might actually be in the wrong. Yet, she does not think that she is. She might not understand the situation to its full. She could just be on a stubborn streak at this point. Maybe she does not feel like whatever is happening is her fault. She might even be a little delusional about it. This happens a lot when two people get into a fight. Especially when it is a very heated one. Feelings are going to get extreme and it might take her some time to cool down and see the issue for what it truly is. You might just have to be patient with her. Give her some space. Then go ahead and try to approach it again  to see if the two of you can come to a resolution.

She’s Just That Type Of Person

There are types of people that exist in the world who refuse to ever apologize for anything. They typically have bold personalities and a very big ego. So if your girlfriend fits that description, this might be the reasoning behind why she never apologizes to you for anything. She might just be a person who never believes that she should have to say she is sorry. It definitely is not fun dating someone like that, but hey there are probably other perks about her that make up for it, right?  This is easily fixable, most of the time, by just telling her how you feel. Letting her know that her not apologizing is damaging to you is a good start. Then you can see where it goes from there. But if you never talk about it, it will never change!

wife never admits fault

She Was Raised That Way

This flaw could come from the environment that she was raised in. She might not have had the best role models. She could have been raised to believe that apologizing is a sign of weakness in a person. Yes, there are some people that actually believe that!

You Actually Messed Up Big Time

There is a possibility that she does not feel the need to say she is sorry to you, because you have done something to her that was much worse. She might still be waiting to hear an apology from you for the previous situation. And until she gets it, she is going to refuse to give in. She thinks an eye for an eye is necessary in this case. Try apologizing to her for whatever you may have done and see if she then apologizes for what she has done. If so, then this was definitely the reason why she wasn’t apologizing to you.

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