November 27, 2022

Turn offs and turn ons…

We all have them! But which ones constitute as major and which as miniscule? Don’t doubt it! There is definitely a scale of good to bad. But today we are here to talk about men and what they find to be the most major turn offs in women! And trust us, there’s quite a few! These are the things that you want to avoid doing at all costs. Unless, of course, you want to come off as unattractive to the guy that you like. Which we are assuming you don’t, right? Right! So keep reading to find out major turn offs that guys don’t like in girls. Then you will be set for anything from a first date to the beginning of a relationship.

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These are your dos and don’ts ladies, so pay attention!



Well, it’s safe to say that nobody really enjoys being lied to. So you can imagine why we have put being a liar at the top of the list. Not only is lying a huge turn off, but it also ruins the trust you have with a guy. Not being truthful is a great way to push somebody away from you and ruin your chances with them. Your best bet? Just being honest!

Playing Stupid

We might assume that the old cliche of “guys love a ditzy girl” is true, but it is most definitely not! Playing stupid will get you nowhere in the dating game. Men, especially these days, love a girl who knows what she is doing and can be proud of that! Sure, sometimes they like the damsel in distress vibe, but being like that all the time can be tiring.

Being Selfish

Selfishness is the number one killer in relationships! Relationships are all about being a part of a team, right? So if you are selfish right off the bat, he might get turned off at the fact that you wouldn’t make a good partner because of it! Selfishness is definitely a turn off for both genders if you ask us!

Bad Hygiene

Are you stinky? Did you forget to shower for the fourth day in a row? Yeah, that’s definitely going to be a turn off. Even if you think you covered yourself with tons of perfume, you probably still look pretty shady. Everybody wants their date to be nice and clean when the time comes! Smelling good can never hurt either!

Using Too Much Social Media

too much social media

Most people use a social media platform of some sort. However, guys find it super annoying when you are always on your phone. Especially when you are supposed to be on a date or at a hangout session with them. You not giving them your full attention can be bothersome. They might start to feel as if your screen is more important than them. That can be a major bummer and definitely a total turn off!

Too Much Makeup

too much makeup

Now, don’t get this wrong, because there is definitely not anything bad about wearing makeup. But we know that wearing too much makeup can be insanely off putting. Men do not want to be with someone who looks like a fake clown. They would much rather see a softer, more natural side of you. And not the version of you with caked on foundation and too much eyeshadow. So keep it simple when you’re putting your face on!

Terrible Outfits

We all have our own taste in style, but sometimes we dress like hobos and think that’s proper date attire. When you meet up with a guy you like, he is probably assuming you are going to try and look your best. But if you are wearing holy sweats and a baggy tee from high school, he might find that to be a bit of a turn off.

Being Too Open

This is definitely a turn off for right away. Maybe when you two are closer or get to actually dating seriously it won’t be a problem. But spilling your guts out on the first date can be a turn off. Or talking about things like bodily fluids and sexual stuff can be… Well, not so good in his eyes. He might want you to stay a little more reserved until the two of you get to know each other a little better.

Getting Too Sloppy

And we mean sloppy. Not just like messy, but full blown sloppy as heck! Especially when it comes to things like getting drunk. Getting too wasted is never a good idea. You risk making a total fool out of yourself! You don’t want him to see you in that light forever do you? Probably not. So keep yourself together, my friend, and all shall be well!

Emasculating Them

No man, on any part of this earth, will ever find it sexy that you emasculate them. They need to keep their self confidence, too. And when you try to take that away it can be a huge turn off. So do your best to avoid that. Don’t go out of your way to make him feel like any less of a man! That’s just not polite.

Not Having A Filter

Sure, he might think it’s cute that you speak what’s on your mind. But saying everything and anything, especially if it’s unnecessary or rude, can really push him away. Having a filter is absolutely key on the first few dates! Let him get to know you before you just let your mouth run!

Being Disorganized

Chaos is definitely not a turn on… Most guys like a well put together partner. So if you don’t have anything organized, ever, you might be shocked to find that you might be a turn off for men. Sure, it’s okay to not have your crap together all of the time, but not having your crap together all of the time is bad news bears!

Complaining Too Often

Whining is most definitely not an attractive trait in people. If you only complain when you are around him, he’s going to get turned off. Because that’s all he’s going to think about when he thinks of you… How much you complain and what you complained about. Being a negative nancy is never a good strategy in snagging the guy of your dreams.

Being Clingy

be clingy

Everyone needs a little space. Especially when you are just getting to know each other, this will be essential! Clinging to him right off the bat might make him think that you do not know how to be an independent person. That can be a major turn off for most guys!

But Also Not Making Them A Priority

Of course they don’t want you to be too clingy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want you to make them a priority! Blowing them off constantly for something else or acting like everything else is more important is never going to get them to be sincerely turned on by you.

Being Lazy

lazy girl

Being unable to do anything for yourself is a major turn off. Guys tend to like a woman who is productive and can take care of herself. They don’t want to be your personal servants and do everything for you. This is tiring and can be annoying.

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