December 2, 2022
How I Feel About People Telling Me to Lose Weight - Jackie Appiah

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah is a very popular name in the Ghanaian and Nigerian entertainment industry. Jackie appeared in a lot of Nollywood movies in the early 2000s and was one of the Ghanaian actresses to become a household name here in Nigeria.

As expected, over time, Jackie Appiah’s looks have changed and her life has also changed. Speaking to BBC while playing a game where she had to answer questions quickly, Jackie Appiah opened up about a lot of things from her hobbies, to her travels, to her weight. Here’s what Jackie Appiah said.

Playing a game with BBC, here is what Jackie Appiah responded to the rapid fire questions they asked her:

“What is your hobby?”

Jackie Appiah: I like shopping. I’m a shopaholic. I need prayers. I shop too much.

“What’s the bravest thing you’ve done?”

Bungee jumping. Actually, I lied. I did not do that. I ran away. But I did ziplining. I like adventure but ziplining was urgh! I cried.

“What’s the weirdest place that you always get inspiration?”

In traffic. I see hawkers selling stuff. Recently I saw someone selling keinkein in a box. I thought, hmm, maybe I can do this business. Maybe I can change the food in the box to something else and sell it in traffic too.

“What about you dey totori people?”

Hmm. I guess my smile. And probably my eyes.

“Which childhood memory will you never forget?”

When I was young, they had brought me in from Canada, I was about 5. I was on holiday in Ghana and I saw a goat tied to a tree and I didn’t understand why a goat was tied to the tree with a rope. So I went and I started throwing stones at the goat like “what are you doing here? Leave my house!” and the goat just got so angry and tore the rope and started chasing me. Just when I was about to open the door, it pounced on me and knocked my two teeth out and just walked away. If I could find the picture I would show you, I had no teeth in front.

“If you can choose any series or movie, which character would you like to play?”

The character I would like to play would be maybe a gangster.

Speaking about her weight:

“What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken for your career?”

I would say losing a lot of weight drastically. I lost like a lot of weight drastically and I think it did pay off.

“What are you tired of hearing?”

Lose weight! (laughs). You lose weight, they say “oh you’ve gone too slim”. I’m like, how do I satisfy people?

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