September 28, 2022

If you want to appear more well-off, first stop looking poor. Are you unshaven or dirty? Wear sloppy, ripped and/or poorly fitting clothes? Sneaker or shoe laces filthy? It’s amazing how close to new a pair of sneaks can look if you put in fresh laces and clean off the dirt.

Next, switch to clothes that fit well. Doesn’t mean buy bespoke outfits or have custom tailoring done. Buy “fitted” shirts and pay extra attention to how your off the rack choices conform to your body.

Find “accessories” that look great despite a low price point. I get TONS of compliments on my seven dollar (on Ebay) cufflinks, and $15 Nibosi and North brand watches. Having a tailor swap out dull white plastic cuff buttons for nicer ones adds punch to even a rather pedestrian shirt.

Have a nice pen in your pocket, ready for when you need to sign a printed receipt. A writing instrument with a pleasing feel and upscale appearance need not cost a lot.

A pair of sunglasses, a nice-looking watch, etc. Cheap does not always mean reliable but bear in mind that some cheap products are indeed reliable, and sometimes better than their expensive counterparts. For example, Xiaomi makes some really great products but with a cheaper price tag – they are well-made and there are no issues when using them. As for instance, I bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, my friend bought a Xiaomi Mi 8, and my gf bought a Samsung Galaxy A9 (which as 4 rear cameras) at the same time. But when she wants to take photos, she always asks me for my Xiaomi because our Xiaomi devices perform better, despite having relatively less expensive price tags. You just need to unfollow the trend, do your research and comparisons, & then you will know what is better for you. That is, I won’t buy a samsung phone just because everyone around me is buying them. If I make some research and find out that there are other devices better than them (from reviews, comments and feedbacks), I would surely buy the other ones.

Read 11 cheap items that makes you appear fitted and rich below

  1. Haircut and shave.
  2. Hair spray or gel.
  3. Pocket square/tie-clip/brooch/lapel-pin
  4. Color coordinated shoes, belts and bracelets/eyewear
  5. Leather bags. Maybe expensive, but last a LONG time. Bonus points for color-coordinating with shoes, belt, bracelets and sunglasses.
  6. A nice pen. You only need one of these and it’ll most likely last you a lifetime, so don’t worry about spending $500 or even $1500 here.
  7. Tiny bags and fabric boxes that go inside your bag… that compartmentalize stuff. Looks sophisticated and high-end. Imagine no more dangling wires and ugly dongles. All of that packed away in nice, color-coordinated tiny underbags.
  8. A shower. If you think you’re fine without a shower, take one anyway. I shower at least twice a day… no matter what… sometimes even three or four times, if a bad tummy necessitates it.
  9. Clean clothes. While pure wools and full-grain leathers cost a lot of money, there is no reason why you should be repeating that old pair of jeans with mustard stains. There’s a laundromat nearby, be there often.
  10. Clothes that fit. Nothing screams unprofessional, unreliable and untrustworthy louder than unfit clothes. This ranks higher than even being fit yourself, unfortunately.
  11. Socks. These things are so cheap. Just don’t do socks that don’t go with the rest of your attire. Don’t do black long socks with casuals please. I have myself been guilty of this in the past. Don’t do white socks under a brown suit at the office. Please. It’s not hard to figure out how to coordinate socks. Just don’t get it wrong.

Hope this articles helps.

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