December 2, 2022
Law sentenced man caught in car doing it with 11-year-old girl to 5 yrs in prison

Law sentenced man caught in car doing it with 11-year-old girl to 5 yrs in prison

A New Jersey man was sentenced to five years in prison after police discovered he was “dating” his 11-year-old relative.

Police say they found Euno Roque-Guerrero, 27, with the girl in his car behind a shopping plaza in Hammonton on Feb. 20, reports.
When confronted, Roque-Guerrero confessed he had kissed the minor in the parking lot as “they couldn’t go to their homes because of their age difference,” the Courier Post reports.

Roque-Guerrero later admitted he had also touched the girl’s buttocks

Roque-Guerrero pleaded guilty to child endangerment and forfeited his pharmacy technician registration as part of the plea deal.

He will also be subject to Megan’s Law registration, sex-offender evaluation and parole supervision for life. Roque-Guerrero may also face possible deportation after he leaves prison, although it is not clear to which country.

News of Roque-Guerrero’s sentence provoked controversy. Some thought his punishment was too lenient.

“5 years is not enough,” wrote one person in’s comments section.

“Why jail him just deport him!” commented another.

Others saw things differently.

“Because he could come back and victimize the girl again,” shot back one. “Everyone is safer with this creep in jail.”

Others thought the five-year sentence was the best punishment, saying the inmates will take care of him..

5 years in Prison General Population With a bunch of Bulls knowing what he did?” said another. “Perfect Sentence. Hope he enjoys his last solid bowel movement.”

Six days earlier, a 55-year-old German citizen who lives in Switzerland was sentenced to life in federal prison after he flew to Florida to have sex with a 13-year-old girl, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Meinrad Kopp responded to a police officer pretending to be a father selling his daughter’s sexual services.

Kopp said he wanted to treat the girl like a dog, humiliate her and cause her pain.

When Kopp arrived at Orlando International Airport, he was taken into custody. Authorities found weights, clamps, rope, tape and a digital camera in his luggage..

Kopp later revealed he had sexually abused and beat children in the past, including one whom he abused with the help of her father. He called beating children “fun,” “fantastic” and better than sex.

“Crimes against children are some of the most loathsome our HSI special agents investigate,” Homeland Security Investigations Tampa Special Agent in Charge James Spero said in a statement. “This case should serve as warning to other child predators. We will find you, arrest you and make sure that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”


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