September 28, 2022

Are there really ways to make $1,000 quick? Yes. If you’re curious about how to make money fast, the good news is that you can do it. It’s never been easier to make extra cash thanks to the gig economy, access to online income opportunities, digital rewards platforms and other means.

1. Make Money Fast Tutoring

Whether it’s tutoring ESL students online, teaching one-off tutor clients a specific subject or answering standalone questions, you can help you make money fast. Three of the most popular platforms to make money are VIPKIDEducation First and Course Hero.

Both are flexible gigs that let you set your own schedule, work from home or on the go and give you access to millions of potential students.

2. Earn Extra Money Through Paid Surveys Online

Paid online surveys and digital rewards platforms aren’t going to make you rich. However, they can definitely help you put some extra cash in your account on your quest to make $1,000 quick alongside other money making opportunities.

These types of services provide you smaller sums of cash for completing tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, searching online or performing various digital tasks. If there isn’t anything more productive you can do during your free time, use these sites below to generate a little extra money.

Whether it’s on the commute to work or relaxing at home on the couch, your phone or computer can unlock more money during a time when you might be earning nothing.

3. Freelance Your Skills To Make More Money Quick

The first place to start is by using the skills and experiences you already possess. Whether this is the type of work you do in your traditional line of work or the hobbies you enjoy.

You don’t need to be an expert.

You just need to be able to provide value to someone looking for support. They might not have the skills and experiences you do. Or you might be better at them at it. Or perhaps they just don’t have the time or desire to accomplish whatever work needs to be done and would rather pay.

From photography, copywriting and web coding to accounting, plumbing and marketing, or one of 500 other things, you can make extra cash with your skills.

Thankfully, in this digital age there are numerous websites to connect you with willing people looking to pay you.

4. Earn Cash Back With The Money You’re Already Spending

Another quick win to help you on the road to make $1,000 quick is by taking advantage of the money you’re already spending. Whether online or in-person at stores, there are opportunities to get cash back and rewards on everyday purchases.

Will you make $1,000 fast on your own with these? No. However, they continue to support that road to make money quickly by generating a little extra along the way.

These apps and services offer cash back, discounts and bonuses. Again, these won’t make you rich but they help compound small wins towards your bigger goals.

5. Sell Your Clutter To Make Quick Cash Fast

One of the best places to start when trying to make money fast is with the stuff you already have. It’s a surefire way to not only earn cash but clear up your living space and declutter your life.

Most of us have accumulated a lot of “stuff” over the years. From birthday and holidays, purchasing on our own wants or needs and a tendency to hold onto items, most of us seem to fill up our nests.

6. Drive With Uber & Lyft To Make Money

This one is straightforward and I’m sure you know someone in your life who has done this. Or you’ve seen their pre-roll ads, web ads and commercials all over.

Driving with Uber & Lyft is one of the most popular way to earn extra cash.

A co-worker of mine uses the “Driver Destination” setting on his way to and from work each day. That setting only generates him trips that fall within the general route of his destination – the office or home. These time slots also generally fall within “surge pricing” windows. Surge pricing generates him 1.5x – 2.0x the standard fare.

He makes $300-$500 extra a month with minimal effort outside his normal daily commute.

7. Use The Delivery Gig Economy To Hustle Extra Money

If the goal is to make $1,000 quick sometimes all it takes is a little extra hustle by foot or bike. Millions of people are relying on the hustle of workers in the gig economy to complete tasks on their behalf or help them out.

What’s a frequent task some people will pay to have done? Food delivery.

There are a number of platforms that will pay you good money, especially if you focus on peak lunch and dinner times. The gig economy on it’s own could help you collect the lions share of your $1,000 but it’s going to take some serious hustle, time and strategy.

8. Make Even More Money With Surveys & Digital Rewards

The growth in FinTech apps, digital rewards platforms and online money making opportunities have given us even more ways to make money quick.

Similar to our paid online survey sites above, these platforms give you even more chances to make money or get cash back. The good thing about having so many choices with these types of services, you can find the one that fits best for you.

Again, you won’t get rich quick with these. But if it fits into the quiet time on your commute or R&R on the couch when you don’t want to be doing anything else, every extra dollar counts.

9. Walk & Watch Dogs For Cash

This is another way to help you make $1,000 quickly in your spare time around the neighbourhood. It’s also another side hustle I’ve used in my own life to generate some additional cash flow.

Last year, on the evenings after work I’d try to get 2 walks in and then on weekends I’d try to do more walks and drop-ins.

If you’re a fan of dogs, why not make some money walking or dog sitting them? There are two popular platforms that allow you to make money hanging with canines.

10. Make Money From Temporary Work & “Hustle” Jobs

Some of these options to help make $1,000 quick likely requires time and hustle as opposed to the skills like we talked about earlier with freelancing.

Have you ever checked the Craigslist Gigs section in your local listings?

It’s littered with money making opportunities.

11. Rent Out Your Place Or A Room With Airbnb

Based on how badly you need to make $1,000 fast, renting out your place for a week or month might be your best solution to get there ASAP. So if you’ve got an extra room in your place or perhaps have the opportunity to shack up with a significant other or friend, you can make some quick money via Airbnb.

If there’s a big conference, event or festival happening, you might even be able to get 2x what your normal rate would be.

Do some research on the pricing in your area. Clean up your place and stash any valuables. Then create a compelling Airbnb listing (photos, description, rules and price point). Airbnb connects your listing once live with prospective renters from around the world who could potentially be visiting your city.

You’ve likely been a guest before as an Airbnb renter but the money making opportunity comes with being a great Airbnb host.

12. Showcase Your Creativity For Cash

If you have a creative side and knack for working with your hands (making physical or digital goods), there are ways for you to monetize that.

The time commitment upfront might nix the quick element of making $1,000 if you’re hand-making some amazing DIY crafts. However, digital products are also another creative outlet that can be sold to the masses.

13. Create Savings With The Money You Already Have

The final way to help make $1,000 quick is by better managing the money you have or are already spending.

When I first started to take control of my money and life, I did a spending audit to see where the heck all the money I had was going. I used Mint, an amazing budgeting and tracking platform available via web and app, to go through my spending habits.

14. More Ways To Make Money Fast

Whether it’s making money with your phone or making money online from home, the opportunities available to you continue to grow.

New services, apps, gig economy jobs and so on.

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