December 1, 2022

Getting ghosted can really mess with our heads. There is nothing fun about it happening to you! We totally get that. Most of us have been ghosted at one point or another in our lives. Ghosting is a rude way of someone saying (without actually saying anything at all), “Well, I don’t like you anymore. See ya!” Making it hard for us to want to trust someone again or even let someone into our lives. When a girl ghosts you, you might take it a little harder than you expected. Even if you didn’t, it still had to sting a little! One day you’re chatting with each other like there’s no tomorrow and then out of nowhere conversation comes to a close and you’re never to heard from her again. Or so you thought. Until she randomly pops up in your DMs or texts again one day like nothing ever happened. We know that when we are ghosted, we are supposed to give up and move on. Surely you were on your way to doing just that, but now all of sudden your ghost has come alive again and is trying to worm back into your life. What the heck are you supposed to do then? How do you handle a girl who ghosted you and is texting you again? We get that this is a confusing situation. Which is why we made a guide to show you just what to do when this type of thing happens. Keep reading and you’ll find out what the next step is!

Why girls disappear and what to do when they come back

What To Do

Review Her Message

What did she say when she texted you? Was it short and simple or long and in depth? This is something that you are going to want to step back and take time to review before moving forward with communication again. If the text was a simple hello and nothing more, maybe wait to respond and see if she tries a little harder to grab your attention. The girl totally blew you off, so a little effort to rekindle would probably be appreciated on your end of things, right? You want to make sure that she is serious about establishing communication again. This way you know she’s not just out to use you and lose you again. You might be pretty excited to hear from her again, but just wait before jumping back in. Trust us, you’re going to want to make her work for it a little bit.

Why girls disappear and what to do when they come back

Remember How It Felt

It definitely is not pleasant to remember when you were ghosted. Especially if you really took it to heart. You may have been superbly disappointed and spent a lot of time wondering what you did wrong or what was wrong with you. You might have wondered why you were not good enough for her the first time. Now keep those feelings close to you as you think about giving her a second chance. Is that something that you want to feel a second time? She is always going to be considered not trustworthy and a flight risk. After all, she’s the type of rude person that just ghosts someone without reasoning. What would be holding her from doing it a second time?

What if you didn’t take it that hard the first time? Well, then it might be okay for you to go round two with her. Because it wouldn’t really effect you too much if she did it to you again. If you don’t mind her popping in and out of your life, then we say go for it!

If A Girl Who Ghosted Texts You Again

Ensure She’s Sorry

The one thing that you are for sure going to want when you’ve been ghosted? An apology. Ghosting is a crappy thing to do to someone and it makes them feel crappy about themselves. So before you go ahead and give her a second chance, you will want to hear her say that she is sorry for doing it to you in the first place. Not only should you get a heartfelt, meaningful apology, but you should also dig deep and figure out why she ghosted you in the first place! This will bring her to be humble about this situation and also give you peace of mind. After you ask for both of these things, you just wait. Wait to see what she responds with. Did her apology sound legit? Do you buy whatever reason she gave you for ghosting you? If you answered yes, then we say it’s probably safe to give her another shot. However, if her apology was flimsy and her reasoning was off, don’t do it. Move on!

There’s A Risk

There is always going to be a risk that she is going to ghost you a second time. So mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for that before you dive back in.

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