December 1, 2022

When you know that a loved one is feeling poorly or is having a difficult time, you naturally want to do something that can help. Maybe they are about to make a difficult decision or have a major promotion coming up at work. Whatever the case, you want to find out how to send love energy to someone. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it can help heal relationships. You can use it to manifest your deepest desires in your life.

telepathic love therapy

Long ago, religions kept their spiritual techniques and esoteric abilities a secret. You had to be initiated into magic and witchcraft before you could learn how to send love energy to someone or do any other spell. Luckily, the internet has made it even easier to initiate people into this tradition. Now, you can easily learn how to send love energy to someone without having to spend years studying witchcraft or magick.

Before you can even try to send love energy to someone, you have to first learn how to love yourself. The only way that you can ever truly love another person is by learning how to love yourself first. It is like the medicine quote for doctors to first heal themselves. You must start by loving and healing your own soul before you can be ready to heal someone else. It is like having two empty glasses. If you try to pour water from one glass to another, you can’t because there is nothing there. If the first glass is brimming with water, then it can easily share water with the second glass. Your soul must be filled with self-love if you want to easily be able to share that love with another person.

If you try to send love energy to someone without having love for yourself, it can end up hurting you. Love can be readily divided and quickly multiplies to refill the empty space. You have to have enough love within you for this to work though. If you start with too little love for yourself and then try to give it to someone else, then the little bit of love you have left will take too long to multiply again and could impact you negatively.

1. Relax

The first step to send love energy to someone else is to rest your mind and relax. If you are not used to meditating or relaxing your mind, this step may take much longer than normal for a while. Once you get used to relaxing your mind, you will become better at reaching a state of relaxation in just a few moments.

Start by removing any other thoughts or feelings from your mind. Remove unwanted voices and achieve a sense of peace. You want your mind to be peaceful and empty so that the love you send will be totally pure.

Focus on communicating with your higher self. You have to relax yourself entirely so that you can attune yourself with a higher energy and sense of purpose. Relaxing is the best way to mute all of those internal dialogues and voices that distract you so much.

How to Send Love and Light

2. Radiate Love

The next step is to radiate love out to the person who needs it. Start by imaging that your chest has a gate or opening that allows love to shine up. It is like there is a glittering, shining diamond located within your rib cage. From the diamond, a pink glow gradually starts to burn. It intensifies and begins to burn brightly. The glow of love fills your chest, your organs and your entire body. From head to toe, you are radiating this pink love.

You feel the warmth of love as it feels as if you are in love with the entire world. You radiate peace and love, and you bring in the same qualities from the world. Remain in this state of total love,compassion and peace for a while. You are free of worries and enjoy a total peace of mind.

3. Send Out Love Energy to Someone

Now, your goal is to send love energy out to that particular person. There are several ways that you can do this, so pick the option that works best for you.

Diamonds: Imagine a diamond-shaped pocket on your chest that is filled with hands. Hold the diamond in your hands to give it mentally to the person in your mind’s eye.

Light Beam: Imagine the person is in front of your eyes. Look into his or her eyes. Imagine a powerful, pink beam of light that flows from your third eye chakra to the same point on the other person. Stay in this position until you feel that enough love energy has been sent. At the end, tell the person several times, “I am sending love energy. You are surrounded by love. I love you and appreciate you.”

Warmth: For this option, imagine the person standing in a small room. Imagine yourself standing toward the top of the room. In your mind’s eye, fill the entire room with warmth and pink love. Keep doing this until the entire room has been filled with an abundance of pink light and love energy. When you are done, mentally tell the person the same thing as the last technique.

No matter what technique you use, the important thing is your intention. If your intention is pure and full of love, it will work.

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