November 27, 2022

Wedding receptions are always so much fun. Everyone spends weeks and weeks preparing for the wedding ceremony. Even when the wedding actually begins, all of the planners are stressed out about potential problems along the way. When the wedding reception finally arrives, it is an amazing celebration as everyone can finally relax and celebrate the newlyweds.

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At the wedding reception, people normally have plenty of refreshments, dancing and cake. This is also the time when people start playing fun wedding games. Some games are traditional and passed down through family members. If you need some extra ideas, you can try the wedding shoe game. We will cover how to play the wedding shoe game and questions to ask. This game works best with different partner arrangements and really just requires the bride, groom and their respective shoes. Before long, the entire crowd can enjoy a few laughs as they watch the game get played.

How to Play the Wedding Shoe Game and Questions to Ask

This game is popular because it is a lot of fun and also happens to be fairly easy to play. Since there are still some people who have not heard about this game or had a chance to play it, we will cover the basic rules so that everyone can try out this fun game at the next wedding ceremony they go to.

The Basic Rules of the Wedding Shoe Game

This game is extremely easy to play. To get started, have the bride and groom sit back to back on two chairs. The crowd can be around them to watch the game get played. Once the bride and groom sit down, have them take off their shoes. The bride will give one of her shoes to the groom, and he will give one of his shoes to her. They should each have one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s shoes.

Once everyone is ready, people in the crowd or a host will ask a series of questions. For each question, the bride and groom answer by raising their shoes. For example, the host might ask, “Who is the best with money?” The bride raises her shoe if she thinks that she is the best with money, and she raises the groom’s shoe if she thinks that he is the best with money. The amusing part of the wedding shoe game is when the bride and groom disagree with each other. It is also possible to raise both shoes or not raise a shoe at all if both partners or neither partner fits the answer to the question.

Normally, the wedding shoe game is played for about 10 minutes. Before playing, write out a list of about 20 to 30 questions that can be asked. You can also just have each guest ask their own question by going around the circle and taking turns. It is generally better to have a list of ideas prepared just so that guests and the wedding host do not have to struggle for ideas. You can also have guests fill out slips of paper with their question to put in a hat. Then, you can pull from the hat and ask whatever question appears.

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Making Questions to Ask in the Wedding Shoe Game

Most weddings have a wide range of guests. Since some of the wedding guests are probably going to be underage, it is important to think of a lot of PG questions. If you are having the audience submit different questions, have someone read through them first to make sure that they are appropriate and will not make the bride and groom feel uneasy. To make the reading of the questions a bit easier, you will probably want to choose one person to be the spokesperson or host.

To make it easier to filter the questions from guests, hand out note cards to the guests. For a bit more fun, track how many answers were actually the same for the bride and groom.

To start playing the wedding shoe game, you need to have some questions in mind. The guests can help you think of questions, but you may also want to fill out some note cards with pre-made questions just in case. If you need some help thinking of wedding shoe game questions to ask, we have compiled a list of different options that you can use.

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1. Who sneezes the most?
2. Who always gets the last word in an argument?
3. Which one of you has bigger feet?
4. Who was the first person to say that they were in love?
5. Who is the craziest out of you two?
6. Who is the clumsiest?
7. Who farts the most?
8. Who has the most shoes?
9. Who has the best laugh?
10. Who makes more money?
11. Who talks the most?
12. Who has the best vision?
13. Who drives the best?
14. Who has tried out the most fad diets?
15. Who decided to make your relationship official?
16. Who is the most outgoing?
17. Who pays the majority of your bills?
18. Who is the most likely person to survive a zombie attack?
19. Who is the cheapest person in the relationship?
20. Who apologizes first after a major argument?
21. Who actually spends the most money in your relationship?
22. Who looks in the mirror the most?
23. Who is the most gullible?
24. Who was the first person to say “I love you”?
25. Who gets sick the most?
26. Who actually has fewer driving tickets and a better driving record?
27. Who talks the loudest?
28. Who wants the most children?
29. Who is the best kisser?
30. Who has a worse sense of direction?
31. Who works out the most?
32. Who spends the most time on their looks and grooming?
33. Who was the first person to have a crush on the other person?
34. Who stinks up the bathroom the worst?
35. Who has the best hearing?
36. Who spends the most time and money shopping?
37. Who is the best cook out of you two?
38. Who hogs the majority of the bed?
39. Who flirts the most (or seems to flirt the most)?
40. Who hogs more of the blankets at night?
41. Who has the best sense of humor?
42. Who works the most?
43. Who is the smartest person in the relationship?
44. Who gives the best presents?
45. Who uses the most toilet paper?
46. Who spends the most time at the gym?
47. Who is the most forgetful?
48. Who is the most serious?
49. Who realized that you wanted to marry each other first?
50. Who is the biggest baby when they get sick?
51. Who has the healthiest diet?
52. Who cries the most during a sad movie?
53. Who is the most likely to Netflix cheat (watch extra episodes without the other partner) on each other?
54. Who picks up the bill when you are at a restaurant?
55. Who is in the best physical shape?
56. Who spends the most time taking care of the yard and garden?
57. Who gives the biggest tips at a restaurant?
58. Who is your favorite person in the relationship?
59. Who would be able to make IKEA furniture without breaking it in frustration?
60. Who has the flashiest sense of style?
61. Who does the majority or most of the household chores?
62. Who brushes their teeth the most?
63. Who is the most likely to become a CEO someday?
64. Who is the most dramatic person?
65. Who is the person in charge of the relationship?
66. Who is the most like a dog personality?
67. Who would be the cat personality in your relationship?
68. Who has the cleanest car?
69. Who is the least likely to show up on time?
70. Who is better at holding their liquor?
71. Who is the nicer one of you two?
72. Who is the best danger?
73. Who is the most likely person to take your car in to get an oil change?
74. Who would rather spend their time outdoors?
75. Who takes the longest showers?
76. Who is the most stubborn?
77. Who is the most likely to walk out of their job someday?
78. Who has a bigger butt?
79. Who spends the most money on their clothes?
80. Who talks on the phone the most?
81. Who has the most hair supplies?
82. Who takes the longest to get ready?
83. Who is the pickiest eater?
84. Who is the best singer?
85. Who is the most flexible?
86. Who is the most goal-oriented?
87. Who gives the best surprises?
88. Who is the most compassionate?
89. Who went on the most dates with different people before your relationship started?
90. Who is the clumsiest?
91. Who has the craziest family?
92. Who graduated from college or high school first?
93. Who is the best dancer?
94. Who dresses the best?
95. Who started working at a job first?
96. Who eats the most fast food?

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