December 1, 2022

Players are charming and considerate. They make you feel special and like you are the only girl in the room! But when it comes down to it, they are going to avoid actually dating you as if it’s the plague. That’s why when you develop a crush on one, things can get kind of tricky. How do you go about pursuing someone that most definitely does not want to be pursued?

how to make a player fall in love with you quiz

This is a hard question to answer, but luckily for you we have all the answers you could possibly want! It’s not going to be an easy task to make a player fall in love with you, but it’s not impossible. See for yourself and take a look at the ultimate guide on how to bag a player!

Start With Friendship

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Although you may know that you have feelings for him right away, please do not act on them. The number one way to scare a player off right away is by diving in too deep, too fast. So start with friendship. Even if you are crushing on him hardcore right now. Shove those little feelings as deep down inside of you as you possibly can! Trust us on this one! Don’t give him any signs of liking him. Start by being his friend and then build his friendship up. Get to know him and, more important, let him get to know you. If he does not get to know you on a personal level, he will not grow to like you as anything more than a friend. However, it is important to make him work to get to know you. Don’t just spill out everything to him right away. Give him only piece by piece. This guarantees you enough time to build a strong bond with each other. He will grow more invested as time goes on.

Use Seduction To Your Advantage

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What will get a player’s attention more than anything else in the world? The way you look. That is what they thrive for! A player’s goal is to find a sexy girl and pursue her. That is what they are all about! So use that to your advantage as much as you possibly can. A player is going to be watching you and how you present yourself constantly. This is what draws them into you. They are obsessed with physique. So how do you go about making sure you have his attention in this manner? By being your best self. Whenever you hang around him, ensure you look your dang finest! Wear the clothes that show off your best attributes. Show a little skin. Moisturize! And most importantly: Smell good. The way you smell is important in leaving a mark in his memory. He’s going to remember how you smell when you leave. And when you re-enter the room, he’s going to be pleasantly reminded of the last time that he saw you. It’s okay to be comfortable, of course, but if you really want to get a player to fall in love with you, you might have to put a little effort in. Hygiene and style are going to be key here.

Play Hard To Get

Unfortunately, we can’t just chase after players. Although we want to. That is our first instinct, right? Ignore it! Do not chase after him. At all. Let him do the chase. Players are in this game simply for the hunt. They are always going to want what they cannot have. If you give yourself up too easily, they will most likely get bored and find someone else to go after. We know you are probably going to be excited when he hits you with that, “Wyd? Wanna come over?” Text and all, but it’s best to try to hold out. Don’t always answer his text messages. Leave him on read once in awhile. Tell him that you are busy when he asks you to talk or hang out. Don’t do it every time, but do it most of the time. It’s going to make him want to try a little harder. He is going to be more intrigued as your grow more distant and unattainable. He likes a little bit of a challenge and also a bit of a mystery. So be both! We know it’s hard, but you got this!

Don’t Tell Him How You Feel

Like we wrote earlier, keep all that bottled up way deep down for now. You are going to need to let him tell you how he feels before you even think about telling him how you feel. Most people who are players have some sort of commitment issues. They fear getting close to someone. And they also fear getting too serious with someone. They might have had bad previous relationships or they might have watched terrible relationships from family members. This has given him a deep seeded fear of commitment. So you have to be extremely careful when it comes to mentioning anything about getting serious with him. Make him always feel as if the relationship is totally casual. You need to wait until he gets up the emotions to feel something strongly for you.

Make Yourself Unavailable

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You don’t always want to be on call for him. If he feels like you are, then he is going to know that  he can have you any time that he wants. The more available that you make yourself, the less likely he will be to put effort into anything else but dialing your number for a booty call. You want him to make effort in talking with you and hanging out with you without just having sex. So, make him work for it and keep your distance. Let him know that you aren’t at his beck and call.

Be Confident

Being confident is very important when you are trying to make a player fall in love with you. Players are naturally confident and they will not like being around someone who isn’t!

Act Like You Don’t Need Him

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Just like you should act like you are not always available, you should also act like you don’t really need him. Let him know that you are hanging out with other people. Hang out with them over him once in awhile. Don’t throw it in his face by any means. But make it apparent that he isn’t a primary factor in your life. This will give him the urge to want to be more of a priority in your life.

Show Him A Good Time

Be the life of his party! He is not going to be attracted to you if you are boring, bumming him out or going bananas all of the time. That means be exciting for him. Have a positive attitude when you hang around him. Try not to get too upset or angry at him. This is not going to make him feel like being around you. At least hold off on that stuff until you finally get together. And lastly, don’t be crazy with him. We know you might have the urge to be when he makes you mad or flirts with other girls. But don’t do it. Just keep it together for now! You got this.

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