September 28, 2022

How to Buy Car Insurance

When buying car insurance in Nigeria, it is important to purchase your cover through a registered insurance company.
In order to purchase any type of car insurance in Nigeria, you will need to provide the insurance carrier with the chassis number and the engine number from your vehicle. You will also be required to provide your vehicle’s registration number. All of this information can usually be found on your vehicle license document.
Today, there is a risk of encountering fake car insurance companies. So, be sure that the company you go with is a reputable insurer. You can check with the National Insurance Commission, or NAICOM, in order to locate a list of registered insurance companies in Nigeria.
Once you have purchased car insurance, you can check to ensure that your vehicle is properly insured via the Nigerian Insurance Industry Database Portal at This entity provides access to the record of all insured vehicles in Nigeria.
In order to verify the authenticity of your car insurance policy number through the NIID, you can send an SMS to 33125 in the following format:
Policy number*Vehicle plate number.
In most cases, it takes only 24 hours for a new car insurance policy to appear in the NIID database. In addition to verifying your car insurance policy number, authorised law enforcement agencies use the NIID database for the purpose of enforcing motor insurance law.
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