September 29, 2022
How Pay-Per-Click Ads Work for You
How Pay-Per-Click Ads Work for You
HOW DO PAID advertisements affect your local business? Google will actively dispute that PPC, also known as pay-per-click, affects your business ranking.

Pay-Per-Click Ads Drive Traffic and Engagement

Pay-per-click drives traffic, which helps people spend time on your site, which basically plays towards the engagement factor, which helps your local business and local ranking.
In our company, we use the strategy of launching a pay-per-click campaign in order to index the site much quicker. Especially if you have a large site, this strategy tends to work quite well. Indexing the site and reindexing the site helps your business show up higher in the search engine results. So pay-per-click can be used as quite an effective strategy to index your site and continue to index your site going forward.

Local Paid Results Show Legitimacy

If your potential customer sees your business listing showing up in two places, in local results as well as paid results, that customer will subconsciously perceive your business as the leading one for that particular search query, which can greatly enhance your chances for getting that valuable click. This is why pay-per-click and ad words in particular so important for your local web ranking.
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