September 29, 2022

Thousands of Canadians drive across the border to the US to buy lottery tickets, while many others choose to buy online.

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US Powerball lottery jackpot prize has reached a record of 1.5 billion USD, creating a fever all over the United States. Many shops even witnessed hundreds of people queuing outside waiting to buy lottery tickets.

However, not only in the US, this fever is still spreading abroad. Thousands of Canadians from cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are rushing here to buy tickets to try their luck.

“We bought a lot of tickets already,” Shari Ann said on CBS News. She drove almost 2 hours from her home in Ontario (Canada) to the United States. Lisa Yuen – a resident of Burnaby, British Columbia (Canada) also bought 34 USD US lottery tickets last week.

Value Powerball fake jackpot has risen to 1.5 billion USD. Photo: Lottosonline

US law does not prohibit foreigners from coming here to play lottery and receive prizes. “You don’t need to be a citizen or a resident of the United States to play lottery. Tourists can do it,” Powerball’s website said.

“Canadians are rushing here. You don’t have to be a US citizen to buy Powerball lottery tickets. Just buy at an authorized point, that’s enough,” said Alex Traverso at California state lottery room. CBS . Even so, foreigners who win prizes may have to pay more taxes.

In addition to Canadians, many other countries, such as Australia, Iraq and South Africa, also buy US lottery tickets, but mostly via the Internet, The Lotter said. Although only a handful of more than 40 states in Powerball participate in online services, many people still seek to get a ticket.

CNN said in some states like Illinois or Georgia, customers can buy official tickets online. If in California, they can use the LottoGopher app to pay for a household buyer. Some companies like Lotterymaster, Lotto365 or Congalotto also have similar services, applicable to both domestic and international lotteries.

LottoGopher charges customers’ membership, depending on the lottery type and frequency of participation. However, this website had to stop accepting orders from this Monday, due to huge demand. “The jackpot prize increased too quickly in a short period of time, we could not adjust it,” said founder James Morel on CNN.

The Lotter also had to close the service temporarily due to the huge demand for Powerball tickets. The company got its attention in December last year, when an Iraqis living in Baghdad used the website to buy tickets and won a $ 6.4 million prize in Oregon state.

Websites like Congalotto, Lotterymaster and Lotto365 also have similar practices. However, CNN said that these sites still offer normal services.

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