November 27, 2022

A dream about being stabbed can happen at any time, but they are more common when you are stressed out. Like most negative dreams, this dream tends to represent something negative going on in your waking life. The exact meaning and interpretation of the dream depends on who was present and what exactly happened in the dream.

What is the meaning of a dream about being stabbed

Dream About Being Stabbed

Stabbing dreams typically appear when you are going through a rough situation. They often show your frustration about a particular person or situation. If you are particularly stressed out right now, your stress could be causing your stabbing dreams to happen.

You Stab Yourself

In this dream about being stabbed, you are actually the perpetrator. Even though you would never stab yourself in your real life, you actually harm yourself in your dream. This type of dream may represent a difficulty coping with things that are happening in your life. It may feel like life and the people around you determine what happens, and you are only going along for the ride. You feel like you are helpless at making a difference in your own life and cannot move forward. In your waking life, this means that you should ask for help from the people around you so that you can solve these problems.

Stabbing yourself in a dream may also indicate a state of depression. Life may not be turning out how you expect, so you feel like you are alone in the world. You may even dislike as aspect of yourself or your personality, so you dreamed that you were stabbing yourself because you hate that part of yourself.

You Were Stabbed by a Stranger

If a stranger stabs you in your dream, then it shows a fear for the unknown in your life. You may want to make changes and fulfill your dreams, but you are scared about what will happen. Your fears of the unknown are holding you back from living your future. You cannot defeat these fears unless you are willing to face them head on. Be unafraid to take risks and your stabbing dreams will soon come to an end on their own.

I keep dreaming of getting stabbed

You Were Stabbed in the Back

When you dreamed that someone stabbed you in the back, it shows a fear that others are plotting without your knowledge. You may think that there are friends, co-workers or other people in your life who are a potential threat. If they keep plotting behind your back, you may not be able to fulfill your goals. When this type of dream happens, it is a sign that you should keep your ideas and plans to yourself as you work to fulfill them. Until the threat passes, you should be wary about sharing too much with the people around you.

Multiple Stabbings

If you dream that you are stabbed multiple times, then it may mean that you are overwhelmed by problems in your waking life. You may be in a conflict with someone else or struggling to keep your project from failing. Whatever you are working on, it seems to be overwhelming you completely. You may need to get help from people around you in order to resolve the situation.

Getting Stabbed by People You Know

When you know the person who is stabbing you, it often shows a lack of control. You know that you no longer have control in your waking life and feel unable to change the situation. If the person who stabs you is your boyfriend, then it may mean that you feel like he is going to betray you. You may have suspected that something was off with his behavior, so you dreamed that this happened. This dream only represents how you feel though, so it does not necessarily mean that he is actually betraying you in real life.

If the person who stabs you in the dream is your parents, it shows a desire to break free from their influence and start charting your own course in life. You may feel like you have struggled under what they want for you and their rules for too long. This has caused an immense amount of stress and pressure for you. While the dream shows that you want to break free, it also shows that you are overwhelmed as you do this.

When you dream that multiple people stab you, it often shows that you are overwhelmed. You may wish that people would just give you the space that you need to figure things things out in life. Everyone may crowd around you to help, but you want to be the person who solves your problems and may even feel like their help is more of a hindrance. Your family may be smothering you with their help, or the dream about being stabbed may be related to how your co-workers treat you at work.

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