September 27, 2022

Yesterday, we brought you gists on how the students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who are currently writing their semester exams, were asked a question from the IG of Police ‘Transmission transmission’ incident. Read it here if you missed it.

This act now seems to be a common trend for Nigerian universities to ask questions from trending social topics in their semester exams as the students of the Marketing Department at Yaba Tech got the shock of their lives when they sat to write an exam in ‘Business Finance’ and one of the questions was for them to ‘succinctly advice’ Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma on what to do if she decides to exchange her 45million SUV for cash.

See the question below;

Davido (0B0) gave his girlfriend Chioma 18 years an assurance to present her a Porsche Jeep valued at N45m when celebrating her Silver Jubilee birthday. Chioma being a typical Anambra girl wants to collect the money now but Davido being a smart street boy offered a sum of N32m if Chioma wants it now, Advice Chioma succintingly showing your calculations if interest is constant throughout this period at 7.5%.

There is a report going round the news on singer Davido’s girlfriend and from every indication, it looks like Chioma has finally dumped school to concentrate on her love affair with the pop star. (Read here)

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