September 27, 2022

The government has announced plans to reopen the housing market which has been frozen since the coronavirus lockdown, with estate agents encouraged to go back to work.

The housing secretary Robert Jenrick has said that house viewings can resume, while removal companies and conveyancers can also return to work as long as social distancing and safety rules are followed.

Jenrick said:

Our clear plan will enable people to move home safely, covering each aspect of the sales and letting process, from viewings to removals.

This critical industry can now safely move forward, and those waiting patiently to move can now do so.

This will only be happening in England with the housing markets in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland remaining closed at this time.

However, the move has drawn some criticism as by allowing strangers to have a look at a property would seemingly violate the new government guidelines on lockdown and social distancing.

There has been further criticism as many are wondering how you can go into another person’s house but you cannot visit your parents or friend’s home.

People already seem to have found a major loophole in these new rules…

In perhaps a moment of clarity, Dr Hilary Jones on Good Morning Britain explained why the government might have chosen to introduce this guidance, while also refraining from allowing people to see their family and loved ones.

On Sunday, Boris Johnson announced that lockdown was being eased slightly to allow those that cannot do their jobs at home to return to work, including cleaners and carers being allowed to enter other people’s homes.

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