December 2, 2022

Identification chips have been proposed for various reasons, including security and medical identification. But are implanted computer chips the mark of the Beast mentioned in the book of Revelation?

As a church, the reply we give you comes from a biblical point of view, as opposed to a scientific perspective. The question people bring up in regards to an implanted computer chip is whether this is the mark of the Beast. The answer is, no, not in itself. It’s entirely possible that a device like this could be used in the future by the prophesied Beast, but merely because a computer chip is used for identification purposes does not make it the mark of the Beast.

According to Bible prophecy, the problem is how the end-time multinational government misuses its authority in order to control (not merely identify) its citizens. By contrast, the way computer chips are being used and being spoken of in the United States is merely to identify its citizens.

Fearing the mark of the Beast, some ask us if they should refuse any mandated implanting of a data chip (which, for example, the U.S. government could conceivably require in the name of security). The mark of the Beast doesn’t appear to be something that God’s people can accidentally, or unwittingly, receive (for example, a simple I.D. that later becomes the mark of the Beast). It will be a mark associating one with the Beast power that members of God’s Church will knowingly avoid.

Chips, implanted under the skin is prophesied as mark of the Beast & Signs Of End Time

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Please see “The Mark and Number of the Beast” from the booklet The Book of Revelation Unveiled for more information about the mark of the Beast. Faith in God becomes a real factor in this subject. We must place our confidence and trust in Him for our protection.


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