September 29, 2022

A definition of intuition is that it is an access to information which, without doubt, is outside the “classical” field of perception of the subject who knows the intuitive experience. Or because it is impossible for this information to gain direct access to one of our five senses; or because it is impossible for this information to reach the subject by respecting a law of nature supposed inviolable that is called causality.

This is the case when one has the intuition of an event that has not yet occurred. Temporarily, this event is in the future of the observer – the intuitive subject. To feel one’s existence violates the principle of causality, which strongly states that a cause must always be prior to its effect. It is impossible for one event to influence another event or an “observer” located upstream in time. But to signal to an observer its existence by means of an intuition or a feeling, is a way of influencing it. This would violate the law of causality. It is for this reason that many physicists are angry, especially, with divination or premonitory dreams. Causality is one of the fundamental principles of physics since Newton. Without him,
The first question to ask is: does the direction of time flow exist? Physics objectively speaks of this flow: it is not just a “feeling”. The passage of time is anchored in the heart of many physical processes and many laws of nature. It is obvious in the second law of thermodynamics (the science that studies complex systems such as gases, these collections of innumerable atoms and molecules), that an isolated system evolves spontaneously to its most probable state, which is that of disorder, destruction and death. We find the direction of time in cosmology (the science that studies the beginnings, the evolution and the structure on a large scale and the possible destinies of the universe), and of course in biology. This time flow is called the “arrow of time” in multiple avatars. This arrow of time, flagrant in our daily lives, remains mysterious for physicists.
In contemporary physics, time itself, and since Einstein’s relativity, is a physical quantity to objective reality seriously questioned: it would be at best one dimension like any other (just like the three dimensions space), at worst an “emergence” – in other words, a total illusion. In quantum mechanics, for example, time has no privileged direction: pass the film backwards and what you observe is still a coherent image of the world, indistinguishable from the other version of the film (going to the in law). It’s like not being able to distinguish between left and right, or up and down, in space. In other words, the arrow of time is manifested on our scales, but it seems to be absent from the fundamental level of the universe.
But then, if causality arises from the arrow of time (what distinguishes a cause and its effect, it is their order in the flow of time), would causality disappear at the subatomic level, where the time the time n has more direction? Atoms, quarks and photons would not they know the causality?
It’s the case. Quantum mechanics predicts odd experimental results for our common sense, confirmed in the laboratory: the random intervention of an experimenter on a quantum system can retroact on the latter, that is to say, act on his past, forcing him to adopt a behavior in response to the intervention but even before the experimenter decided to intervene!
Recent “quantum entanglement” experiments show that, under certain conditions, twinned particles in their quantum states can exchange information while they are so far apart that it would be necessary for this information to travel. faster than the speed of light. Impossible! We know since Einstein. And yet, it works. This is called “non-locality”. Non-locality allows some quantum systems to make fun of causality.
Intuition and the resulting forms of perception shock the physicist because causality and locality seem to be undermined. Yet, we see that the shocking ingredient already exists in the subatomic world, wonderfully explained by quantum mechanics. The sprain of the law of causality, the inversion of the sense of time, are manifest, and even arrogant.

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