November 27, 2022

Are you ready to try some candle magick? Candles and colors are extremely powerful, but they are easy enough for beginners to use. Because of this, candle and color magick are popular among witches of all experience levels.

candle color meanings catholic

Every color vibrates at a different frequency. When you are doing a spell, the color of the candle can impact how well your spell works and the type of response you get from it. Many candle magick spells also require specific colors of candles to work. For example, one money spell has to use a green-colored candle. If you are uncertain about candle colors and their meanings, this guide will help you figure out the various meanings and which candles are the right color for your spell.

Once you decide on the right color for your spell, you can buy a candle at your local metaphysical store. If you do not have one nearby, you can always go online or check out any big box store. You can also decorate these candles with ribbons or other items before you start your spell.

candle color meaning chart

1. Orange

This color represents attributes like creativity and ambition. Because of this, orange is a popular candle color for any spell that works with career-related goals. It can also be used if you are doing a spell that involves your individuality or character.

2. Grey

This color is both white and black, which is one of the reasons why it represents neutrality. It is often used to represent balance. It can be used during protective magick spells as a way to neutralize any negative energy that is coming your way. This color is also linked to wisdom and discernment.

3. Black

Black is known as a banishing color. This strong color is connected to rest, transition and protective attributes. It is often used to mark the end of a certain phase in your life. It can be used to break a bad habit or absorb any negativity. When you do a protective spell, it will often call for black candles.

4. White

A white candle color represents a new beginning or spiritual growth. It is a symbol of purity. This is a candle used for healing and represents Goddess or Lunar workings. Because white candles are connected to remembrance, prayer, purity and devotion, they are often used in churches. If you cannot find the right candle color for your spell, a white candle can normally be used instead.

5. Yellow

This color is connected to the powers of the mind. It is linked to the air element. This candle color is used for spells involving success in the arts or at school. It is known for enhancing intuition and focus. Often, yellow is used to improve communication in relationships. It is also used in business spells when you are looking for inspiration or new ideas.

6. Pink

This color is connected to all matters related to the heart. It is a color of sensuality, compassion, self-love and well-being. Pink is used to attract the love of other people. Pink candles are also used for spells involving reconciliation or forgiveness.

candle color meanings wicca

7. Red

A red candle is a symbol of power, sex, vitality and love. It creates these qualities within you. If your spell needs fiery energy and strength, red will often be used. Often, a red candle is used with a black candle as well. The black candle gets rid of any negativity while the red candle brings in new energy. This quality is known as a reversible or dual action candle when the red and black colors are combined in one candle.

8. Purple

A purple candle is connected to everything psychic. It is often used for astral travel or divination. This candle is the color of magic and mystery. It is used to enhance your connection to the unseen realms. In history, this candle color was once the color of royalty. Today, it is used in magic spells connected to ambition, authority, wishes and power.

9. Green

A green candle is typically used for money magick. It is a color connected to growth of any sort. This color is considered a sign of earthly well-being, prosperity and abundance. It is used in luck-drawing spells and for bringing better health. Also, green candles are typically used for any workings that involve nature.

10. Blue

Blue is connected to the element of water. Because of this, this gentle color carries attributes like patience, powerful energy and peace. It is used in spells that involve truth, emotional healing and justice. Blue is known to help heal the psychic mind and bring about an awakening.

11. Lavender

Lavender is considered a color of passion and innocence since it is partially made of purple and white. Lavender candles are often used for spells that involve intimacy, love and friendship. They are used for a variety of different kinds of wishes.

12. Silver

Silver is a color that is connected to the moon. When you use it on a Wiccan altar, it is a representation of the Goddess. This candle color is connected to love, healing, psychic receptivity, rest and dreaming.

13. Gold

Gold is a color that is connected to the sun. When the gold candle is placed on the altar, it is often used to represent God. While a white or gray candle can be used in place of silver, there is no candle color that can really be substituted for gold. Gold is a color linked to generosity, optimism and the sun. It is also linked to willpower, wealth and confidence.

14. Turquoise

This is a color that is like a blue with a green tint. It is revered as a gem of the desert that looks like the color of the Caribbean’s waters. This color is known to stimulate creativity. It is linked to healing and calming attributes. This candle is also linked to the spirit of exploration. It is often used to connect with water Fae and Undines.

15. Ivory

This is a white with an undertone of earthy brown. It is used in Full Moon workings and initiations. Often, this color is used to attract abundance and luxury since it is often the color of precious items like pearls and actual ivory.

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