September 28, 2022

The prize of the Powerball lottery prize up to $ 759 million has made not only the Americans tumble but many Vietnamese people are also trying to luck.
After the filming on August 23, there was no jackpot winner, the prize fund of the Powerball lottery released by the US Federal Lottery Association amounted to 759 million .

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Although the income tax must be paid when the reward is up to 39.6%, many people are eager to become the recipients of the biggest prize money from an American lottery, including many Vietnamese. .

According to Powerball lottery rules, players are not necessarily US citizens or permanent residents in this country.

Players from territories where Powerball does not have a terminal, whether inside or outside the United States, can still purchase Powerball lottery tickets from a licensed retailer or authorized ticket seller if the age is appropriate. with lottery rules (over 18 years).

The tax rate applicable to non-citizen or long-term residents in the United States is still up to 39.6%.

Thus, Vietnamese citizens who wish to participate can purchase Powerball lottery tickets to attend the prize. However, it is impossible to find a retailer licensed or authorized to sell Powerball lottery tickets in Vietnam.

According to Powerball issuers, the sale of elective lottery tickets via the Internet or by mail, outbound delivery is restricted by law. The lottery can completely refuse to award lottery tickets purchased from any website other than the home page of the tournament.

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Buying tickets and winning Powerball lottery is too difficult for Vietnamese citizens. Photo: Getty.
Therefore, Vietnamese citizens only have one way to participate in Powerball play thanks to relatives and acquaintances in the US buying lottery tickets and standing in the name of the prize pool.

However, the transfer of hundreds of millions of USD bonuses on Vietnam is quite complicated. The more you win the big prize, the more expensive players pay to transfer money out of the United States. Not to mention, the amount of each transfer is limited.

Even when Vietnamese people come to the US to buy tickets and wait for rewards, bringing hundreds of millions of dollars out of the US is almost impossible. It can be said that Vietnamese citizens can buy tickets for Powerball, but to bring 759 million USD to Vietnam is too difficult.

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