September 27, 2022

Can Quora space earn money from questions/answers asked in space?

Trina figure this out for you to know there’s know limit to how much you can make using Quora Space.

Quora space beta program is an initiative taken by quora to increase quora space engagement and sharing quora ads revenue with the Space owner of the space.

In quora space people engage with one another and share the post and write the post in order to increase space readership and when space readership increases quora share ad revenue with space owners, moderators and contributors.

Requirements for earning from Quora Space Earning Program:

  1. You must live in a country where the Quora Spaces Earning program is available.
  2. Once enrolled, you have to make $10 to get into the next step.
  3. The third step is, Quora moderators will pass your Quora Space.
  4. Now, you have to add your Stripe account details. The money will automatically be transferred to your bank account.
  5. Once accepted you will get daily reports of how much money you have made from that Quora space.

How Quora Space Earning Program works

Quora space earning program works on a revenue-sharing formula.

How do you know the questions/answers earnings?

Watch the chat on the below image, you see two colors, blue represents Quora+ (referrals) and the purple Quora+ (engagement)

Can Quora space earn money from questions/answers asked in space?

The green-colored revenue is what you earned from someone buying a Quora+ subscription with your specific referral link. For example, here’s my link:

If someone buys a Quora+ subscription with that link, I will receive half of all the money they end up paying to Quora for as long as they have the subscription. So, if they buy the yearly one, I’ll get $25 a year from it and it will show up in my earnings as “green” revenue.

This is a critical part of monetization, because it’s how writers can maintain a consistent stream of money. If you can build a strong base of followers who keep paying for Quora+ after using your referral link, you have steady passive income. You can find your own referral link on your monetization page, right below the “Manage monetized content” option:

When you enroll in Quora Spaces earning program and reach a certain number of followers, Quora shows ads on your Quora Space.

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  • When you write posts or share quora articles on space readership increases.
  • As readers increases on the space, Quora Share ad revenue with you.
  • For receiving payment you have to be the owner of the space.

You will make money when someone clicks on the ads display on the question/answer. So, the more views you get, the more you will be getting Clicks, and so you will make more money from Quora Space earning program.

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