December 2, 2022
Jealous Boyfriend Attacked His Model Girlfriend With Acid -But Her 10-Yr Challenge Photo Will BLOW You Away

If your experience has been anything like mine in recent weeks, every other post in your newsfeeds has probably been a picture of someone comparing their current face to their fresh countenance of younger years.
Indeed, the 10-Year Challenge has blown up ALL over social media. With Snapchat-filtered profile pictures of 2019 competing with the subpar cameras of 2009, most people have turned out looking pretty darn good in their aging comparison.

However, model Katie Piper has a different decade-long story to tell with her unique 10-Year Challenge photo recently posted on Instagram.

Rather than reflecting on her aging process, Piper’s shocking side-by-side photos reflect that of a healing process after a horrific acid attack she suffered

The left side shows her masked and severely burned face, while the right reflects her face after 10 years of recovery and treatments

“#10yearchallenge don’t let this challenge create anxiety within you about ageing- it’s an absolute privilege,” wrote Piper. “1st pic me age 25 year[s] of 2009 in my mums [sic] kitchen. 2nd Pic is me age 35 last week in my own kitchen 2019! #lifeisprecious #health #humanbodyisamazing”

The U.K. model was brutally attacked in the streets of London in 2008 and suffered horrifying burns on her face and neck. At the time, the attacker was completely unknown to Piper and the acid attack was thought to be a random act of violence, but it was later discovered that her then-boyfriend was behind the whole scheme.

At only 25-years-old, she was left scarred, blind in one eye, and coma-induced for 12-days.

As of today, Piper has undergone more than 40 operations to restore her damaged skin.

Admittedly, the now-35-year-old’s initial reaction to the attack was one of defeat and utter devastation.

“I’ve lost my future, my career, my spirit, my body, my looks, my dignity, the list goes on,” she shared shortly after the incident.

“All I’m left with is an empty shell,” she added. “A part of me has died that will never come back. This is worse than death.”

But thankfully, Piper did not maintain that attitude of defeat for long. She purposefully decided that her life was worth living and that she wanted to make an impact in the world, especially as a motivational figure for other acid-attack victims like herself.

Today, the successful advocate for burn victims has managed to inspire and help others by starting the Katie Piper Foundation, which “aims to improve outcomes for burn survivors, provide support to victims, and raise money for rehabilitation.”

Piper is also a proud mama of two children, an author, podcast host, and motivational speaker for victims of acid attacks.

Her outside transformation over the last decade is merely a reflection of the internal healing and beauty that has blossomed within her since the incident that aimed to destroy her.

Now an inspiring voice for over 838,000 Instagram followers, Katie Piper’s daily mission has encouraged and enlighten so many with her philanthropic heart and sweet soul that has been strengthened by tragedy.

“You are such a brave woman, so admirable!” wrote one commenter. “You are the inspiration for many women. I am really proud of how much you have [grown] as a person.”

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