September 25, 2022

The year 2020 is opening up with a lot of business opportunities no one should miss. The agricultural sector especially holds great promises for businesses. Why agriculture? We are humans born with the basic need to feed. Our food happens to be crops or livestock; components of agriculture.

At this very hard time of coronavirus lock down, it is very clear that people cant survive without food, as we have fully observed within this period of covid-19, farm business should be activated all around the states to produce more crops and animals for business consumption.

People tend to turn their back on agriculture because at one point it was seen as a menial job meant for the poor. That is apparently no more the case as we can see in the lives of former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo and business magnate, Alhaji Atiku Dangote.

If you’ve decided to venture into life stock farming for this year 2020 business, below is a list of the most lucrative ones you should consider.


Despite the many scares that poultry farming has received (chicken flu), poultry products still happen to remain one of the most demanded livestock product. even better, the sudden need for people to cut down on calories have given rise to more consumption on poultry products since a lot of weight watchers have switched to high protein diets (ketogenic lifestyle).

Poultry farming extends to rearing of chicken, turkey, quail, guinea fowl, and the production of eggs, feeds and such. The business does not require much in terms of capital (depending on what scale you choose to run) and the returns are huge. Additionally, it doesn’t take long to start getting returns since reproduction and growth rate is rapid.


Cattle farming although capital and labor intensive, is very profitable. You could go into cattle breeding, dairy farming, fertilizer production, leather production and of course, beef production. The possibilities are limitless. The major challenge for this line of business remains land and resources.


The market for fish in Nigeria right now is incredibly high. This is an ample opportunity to make money. Fish farming (whether salt water fish or fresh water fish) is not capital intensive and like poultry farming does not take long to yield profit as growth and reproduction rate is also high.


Goat farming is yet another livestock business you could explore. It would be even more lucrative if you’re in the south or east as these areas still depend hugely on northerners for goat meat and other products.


Snail farming is yet another business that has become even more lucrative due to the sudden weight loss craze that seems to have overtaken the country. People now opt for white meat instead of red hence the huge market opening for snail farming. An added advantage is that it requires little space as well as little capital for startup.


If patience isn’t one of your strong points, I’d advice against going into sheep farming as it requires a lot of patience and solid knowledge about sheep and its cycles to succeed. It however, is a lucrative and profitable business.


Aside the capital and labour intensive nature of running a piggery, a lot of people would prefer not to based on their religion or simply disgust for the creature; pig. If you look beyond all that, you could make it big in piggery since there’s very little competition.


Rearing rabbits requires little space and can be set up everywhere. It also requires little in the way of capital but garners much profit.

Shrimp and  Crab

This is one area of livestock farming that has fewer people in production than the market demand. Venturing into these businesses could prove to be successful and lucrative,

Livestock farming is producing millionaires everyday even while you’re considering which area to venture into. Make up your mind real quick and reap the benefits.

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