November 27, 2022

For many people, compliments can be tricky. Many of us don’t know the right way to respond when we receive a compliment. “You too” might be something that comes naturally, but would that really be appropriate if the girl who gives you a compliment doesn’t actually possess the same skill she’s complimenting you on? Sound like a recipe for a misunderstanding! how to respond to a compliment from your girlfriend

For those of you who don’t know what to say when a girl gives you a genuine compliment, fear not because we have a list of some things you can respond with. Keep in mind that these responses each have a subtler meaning, which you should always remember should you choose to use these responses!

Thank you. Show her how much her compliment means to you by giving her your heartfelt thanks. Not only does this show that you acknowledge her compliment, but it also lets her know your appreciation for noticing something about you. Many people seem to think that thanking someone for their compliment comes off as cocky, as if you believe every word of what they said. However, saying thanks is actually a way of agreeing with their sentiment in the politest way possible.

Oh, it was nothing. Now here’s something you may only want to use sparingly. Saying that something you did was “nothing” is like telling them that you don’t deserve the compliment. This shows her your humility. However, this is a double-edged sword because in a way it deflects her compliment, and in a way rejects it. Use this response only when what you’re being complimented on is genuinely nothing. For instance, you may say this when a girl tells you that you’re so strong for lifting a heavy object. If doing this task was genuinely easy for you, that’s when you can use this response.

how to respond to a compliment from a girl text

It was just something I picked up. Here’s another way of showing humility when receiving a compliment. While you’re not outright saying that what you did was nothing, it does show her that what you did is quite insignificant. For example, a girl might compliment you on your great taste in music. Naturally, music is just something we pick up from our experiences and exposure. Responding with “it was just something I picked up” makes it a true sentiment while also potentially opening up the conversation on how you picked up your taste in music.

I couldn’t have done it without you. At the end of a team effort, a girl might compliment you on your success. Share the credit by responding with this. Not only does this prevent you from presenting yourself as a cocky guy who takes all the credit, but it also shows her how much you acknowledge and appreciate what she did in your team effort. This might be effective for compliments in activities like beer pong, an arcade game, and, if you work in the same office, a successful project.

Well, my mom did teach me that. Every gal loves it when guys love their moms. After all, this is the perfect way to show her how much love and respect for the women in your life. So if she compliments you on something that your mom did teach you, share the credit with your mom. This applies to a whole bunch of compliment-worthy skills like being a great cook, knowing the best way to run a household, being great at a job you and your mom share, and of course, being a respectful gentleman.

how to respond to a compliment from a girl text

No way! You’re way better than me at this! Here’s another way of showing humility while also complimenting her in return. Some ladies like to compliment guys on something they themselves are good at. For starters, it’s proof that the compliment is genuine because she knows what she’s talking about. And second, it also lets her know that you appreciate her skill in the same manner. So kill two birds with one stone by responding with this to a genuine compliment a girl gives you. Of course, it’s only obvious that the girl you reply to with this should also possess the same skill or trait, otherwise your response will sound sarcastic.

I could teach you that if you like. Keep in mind that this response may only be used if you’re close enough to a girl who gives you a compliment. When a girl compliments you on a useful skill you have, you can start off by thanking her and then letting her know that you wouldn’t mind spending more time with her by teaching her. This can apply to the most mundane of talents to the most complicated of skills. This could also be a subtle way of asking a girl out to learn this new skill that has captured her interest.

Never be caught with an awkward “you too” ever again with these responses!

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