December 2, 2022

March Madness is a fun time for sports fans everywhere. Whether you have created an office pool or are betting with your friends, these funny bracket names can help. There are 60 funny bracket names that you can use to brainstorm your own names, or you can use them as they are written.

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60 Funny Bracket Names

1. Full Metal Bracket: This clever play on words comes from a popular movie title.

2. Air Ballers: Nice one.

3. Grayson’s Anatomy: If you are a Grayson fan, this would be a clever name to go with.

4. Harry Balls: This is definitely not the most mature option, but this still works.

5. Bonzie Scheme: This is certainly better than a ponzi scheme!

6. Marchmageddon: It’s coming!

7. Church of Bracketology: This is a bit long, but it is a fun play on words.

8. Stretch Final Fours: Nice one!

9. Final Fourgasm: That says it all.

10. Ballbusters: Who needs ghostbusters when you have ballbusters instead?

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11. Basket Cases: Hopefully, your picks make baskets and aren’t actual basket cases.

12. Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game: This is a bit too long.

13. Shock It To Me: Nice one.

14. Bracketeering: This is a play on the mafia crime, racketeering.

15. March Sadness: It is only March Sadness if your teams don’t win.

16. This Whole Thing’s a Bracket: That’s true.

17. Point Gods: Excellent.

18. March Badness: Say it with attitude.

19. Shock and Awe: Nice one.

20. March Mad Men: This one definitely wins bonus points for alliteration.

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21. 50 Shades of Grayson Allen: This is a bit long, but it is still a rather clever option.

22. Brack On Track: Nice!

23. Buzzer Beaters: This ones is easy to remember because of the alliteration.

24. Basketballers: An easy option.

25. Mad Hatters: This is definitely one of the top funny bracket names for March Madness.

26. Court Stormers: Awesome.

27. Shot Callers: That says it all.

28. Bracketeering Mafia: Excellent.

29. Breaking Cardinal Rules: For Cardinal fans.

30. Bracketball: This is like an improved way to play basketball that is less physical work.

31. What’s With All the Bracket?: Beats me.

32. Skyhookers: Nice.

33. 7-10 Splits: This is an easy bracket name to go with.

34. Amoeba Defense: This defensive strategy would also make for an excellent, funny bracket name.

35. James of Thrones: This is a clever option.

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36. The Germanator: Awesome.

37. Hoops, There it Is: This phrase might be a bit over-used, but it would still work.

38. Serenity Now, Linsanity Later: Nice.

39. Rebounders: Who passes anymore?

40. Dolla Dolla Beal: Awesome.

41. Foul Mouth: This is a clever one.

42. Undefeated: Hopefully, this funny bracket name will be prophetic.

43. Head Quarters: Clever.

44. Granny Shots: This is an adorable choice.

45. Shake and Blake: Excellent for any Blake fans.

46. Duncan Donuts: The best type of donuts, right?

47. Linsane in the Membrane: Awesome.

48. Free the Throws: This is a play on phrases like “Free the Whales.”

49. Hoopin’ and Hollarin’: Hoops, there it is.

50. Slam Dunkers: Nice one.

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51. First Picks: First round picks are the best.

52. Trick Plays: Or you could call your bracket Trick Players instead.

53. Dunkin’ Go Nuts: Clever.

54. In the Zone: Nice one.

55. Make-a-Swish Foundation: This funny bracket name is such a clever play on words.

56. Don’t Even Gobert: Amusing, very amusing.

57. Ballsy: This is an easy, fun option to go with.

58. Trust the Process: Nice.

59. Madness Mayhem: The alliteration makes the name a bit catchier and easier to remember.

60. March Maniacs: Get ready for some March Madness fun with funny bracket names like this one.

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