December 1, 2022

You want to make sure that your coworker has the best birthday possible. The only problem is the wait way to tell him or her. The easiest option is to write a happy birthday message to coworker in a birthday card. You could also send the message as a text. If you are close friends with that person, you may want to modify the message with a personal note and add a gift to your card. If you are struggling to find the perfect birthday messages for your coworker, we have some ideas that can help you brainstorm just the right one. happy birthday coworker friend

1. I could not imagine what life would be like working with anyone else. I’m just hoping they give you the raise and big bonus you deserve this year! Happy birthday!

2. Think of it this way: You have just moved one year closer to your retirement. Congratulations and happy birthday!

3. Happy birthday to the one person that I know really deserves to have a day of! I have appreciated working with you so much and really hope that your birthday is as amazing as you are. Happy birthday!

4. I just wanted to wish you all the best on your special day. You have shown what a hard worker you are yet again by showing up on your birthday and out-working all the rest of us. My hat’s off to you!

5. Another year has passed and you have another excuse to do a little less work than your younger coworkers. Enjoy it!

6. You are a wonderful coworker and an even more wonderful friend. Happy birthday!

7. Getting to work with someone as super as I am should be the only birthday present you really need. Plus, this present lasts all year long. Just in case, I got you another present as well. Happy birthday!

8. Here is to yet another 365-day trip around the sun. I hope you enjoy the trip as much this year as you did last year!

wishes to coworker

9. I hope that you have an amazing birthday because I have to be back at work tomorrow as well . . . and I was really hoping that you would do all of my work for me. Happy birthday!

10. Happy birthday to the person that has surely set the Guinness Book of World Record’s Longest Lunch Break Record by now! Just kidding, but you really make it seem like a half an hour lunch stretches on forever. Happy birthday to an amazing colleague and and even more amazing friend!

11. Here is to wishing you a year more successful, happy and productive than ever before. Have a great birthday—you deserve it!

12. Wishing you prosperity and happiness in the coming year. Happy birthday!

13. While you have always been a great professional, you have also managed to be a wonderful friend as well. You deserve to have a truly special day to celebrate how wonderful you are. Here’s to wishing you a happy birthday and may all of your wishes come true!

14. Did you know my favorite coworker is having a birthday today? Have a great one!

15. It has truly been a pleasure working with you. I just hope that your birthday is as special as you are, but I really do not think that that could be possible. Try to have a good one anyway!

16. If you have been working here as long as you have, you must have started when you were five years old. Seriously, you look like you could only have worked hear for a year or two. They must not have had child labor laws back then.

Happy Birthday Message to Coworker

17. Here is to wishing you health and happiness throughout the year. Have a super, amazing, awesome birthday!

18. What I really enjoy the most at work is getting to work with someone as pleasant and kind as you are. Happy birthday—may your birthday bring you all the joy you deserve!

19. If you were expecting to get a big promotion or bonus on your birthday, you are going to be disappointed. All I could wrangle for you was a large cake and this card. Happy birthday!

20. The only reason to work on your birthday is to get extra money to spend as you party it up on your birthday night. The only reason I came here today was to tell you happy birthday—it certainly wasn’t for the money!

21. I hope you have a special day that is filled with the people and things that mean the most to you.

22. Wishing you an amazing birthday!

23. Here’s to hoping the bosses finally give you the raise you deserve. Until then, have a happy birthday!

24. Happy birthday to an amazing coworker.

Happy Birthday Message to Coworker

25. Sharing my work days with you has given me the strength I needed to become a better employee and a better person. Happy birthday!

26. Happy birthday to a wonderful person—may all of your wishes come true!

27. I hope you work as hard at enjoying your birthday as you do at work. Then, you’d have a birthday as awesome as you are!

28. Thank you for always making work fun, even when I don’t want to come to work. Happy birthday!

29. Here’s to hoping they finally give you that big bonus! Happy birthday!

30. I couldn’t afford a card, but I could afford this text. Here’s to hoping I’ll have more money on your next birthday!

31. No one deserves a good birthday more than the hardest coworker I know. Speaking of the hardest coworker, could you work on my birthday?

32. May all your dreams come true! Happy birthday!

33. Soon, your cake is going to melt because of all the candles! Watch out! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Message to Coworker

34. Spend some time treating yourself today. Warmest wishes to you on your birthday!

35. Here are warm birthday wishes for the best coworker ever. Happy birthday!

36. I wish that boss would just give you a day off—even the roaches under our desks have had one now. Anyway, happy birthday!

37. Have a drink on me tonight—happy birthday!

38. Here’s to an amazing coworker and friend! Happy birthday.

39. The years keep going, but you stay the same—some day, you will have to tell me your secret. Happy birthday!

40. Happy birthday to the hardest working coworker and kindest friend I know! Have a good one!

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