December 2, 2022
27 Best Sex Positions That Will Re-ignite your Relationship

When it comes to sexual positions, you might have a some favourites style you rely on, from the standard to the more unique,  making you more likely to be up for the next session, and all of its attendant benefits (think: stress relief, the rush of feel-good hormones and feeling more tightly bonded with your partner.)

Read below  27 Best Sex Positions

(Note: While many of these directions reference partners who have a penis, most of these positions can be assumed by just about anyone in possession of a vibrator or dildo.)

1.  The Wheelbarrow

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Warning: Do not try this after an intense arm workout, your triceps might not be able to take it. The wheelbarrow is definitely not meant for a quickie.

2.  Doggy Style

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Doggy style is a classic – you go on all fours and your partner does all the work. Not to mention it is one of the best positions for G-spot stimulation, and there is zero chance of getting a drop of sweat straight in the eye.

3.  The X Factor

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Think the missionary position with a twist. Literally. The only advice we give is do not, repeat do not think of X Factor judges naked at any point during this, it will be ruined. Forever.

4.   The Face-Off

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Let’s face it, not all of us are up for locking eyes the entire way through a session.

5.  The Cowboy

Elbow, Knee, Playing sports, Physical fitness, Exercise, Active pants, Ball, Stretching, Racket, Illustration,

What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine. One for all and all for one. It is not uncommon that one member is more satisfied than the other when it comes to the party down under, but this position promises equal pleasure. Nice to do things together, is it not?

To make sure you both enjoy your evening, tame your cowboy.

6.  The Leap Frog

Human leg, Elbow, Knee, Wrist, Sitting, Physical fitness, Thigh, Waist, Calf, Foot,

The Leap Frog is a great position to try out some (gentle) spanking. Not to mention you get to rest your head and arms on a pillow while your partner does all the hard graft.

Find out if this position is for you or if it is best left to the amphibians.

7.   The Reverse Cowgirl

7.   The Reverse Cowgirl

In a nice way of course. Not everyone pulls the most attractive of facial expressions throughout the act of love making, so this is the perfect position to just let yourself go.

8.   The Spread Eagle

elbow, human leg, wrist, knee, exercise, physical fitness, back, foot, calf, illustration,

Sometimes exercise classes can be a drag, but with this you can skip your usual yoga flow as you are sure to get all the stretching you need – plus, some deep penetration.

Test out your flexibility with this hot position.

9.   The Belly Down

9.   The Belly Down
It’s not selfish to satisfy yourself first – and no one’s saying your partner can’t watch from the sidelines.

This self-lovin technique could reinvent your relationship.

10.   The Champagne Room

Human leg, Elbow, Knee, Sitting, Thigh, Waist, Physical fitness, Exercise, Hip, Back,

The magic of this one is its versatility. Forget the bed, try it on a chair, the edge of the bath or even on the stairs – lack of household company permitting, of course.

Please your partner with this ever so sophisticated position.

11.  The Notebook

Human leg, Knee, Teal, Calf, Animation, Illustration, Ankle, Graphics, Balance, Physical fitness,

It is probably best that the rest of your street does not know about it, but you can imitate Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling The Notebook. You know what scene we are talking about…

Make movie magic come to life with this technique, but make sure you do not accidentally call your man Noah. That could get awkward.

12.   The Couch Grind

Human leg, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Knee, Calf, Physical fitness, Teal, Back, Waist,

You won’t even have to leave the room or turn off Netflix, but you should probably put down the remote and draw the curtains.

13.  Get to the G-Spot

Elbow, Tan, Teal, Peach, Illustration, Graphics, Painting, Stomach, Drawing, Clip art,

It goes without saying that this is one for the ladies only. But if your partner doesn’t fall into that category, they’re always welcome to watch…

Try out this self-lovin, satisfying technique for a night neither of you will forget in a hurry.

14.   The Scoop Me Up

Elbow, Wrist, Knee, Waist, Physical fitness, Abdomen, Exercise, Illustration, Painting, Ankle,

We all know how this one goes. One of you is lying comfortably, while the other has a dead arm and a face full of hair.

You might just find out exactly what spooning leads to when you try this intimate position.

15.   The Golden Arch

Elbow, Exercise, Knee, Physical fitness, Sitting, Yoga, Active pants, Stretching, Pilates, Abdomen,

It is time to show off what those long, hard gym sessions have earnt you. This position lets both of you admire each others bodies with a full view.

This position probably won’t be the best one to try after lots of wine. There will be injuries.

16.   Cowgirl’s Helper

Elbow, Human leg, Wrist, Knee, Sitting, Playing sports, Back, Physical fitness, Ball, Waist,

Very similar to the cowgirl, but this time it’s your partner’s turn to take some of the work. After all, who has time (/muscle strength) for that?

Suggest this position to take the strain away from your poor aching legs and (obviously) toned bum.

17.   The G-Whiz

Finger, Elbow, Teal, Graphics, Illustration, Clip art, Drawing, Balance,

Honestly, you might warn to warn them in advance if you are going to try this one.

Try this position to find out if it will make you say a bit more than jus

18.   The Pretzel

Elbow, Human leg, Knee, Wrist, Waist, Active pants, Physical fitness, Stretching, Exercise, Graphics,

All you have to do is lie there, again. Another one for those who prefer their partner to put most of the sweat in…

Find out if this position is sweet enough to sink your teeth into.

19.   The Ballet Dancer

Human leg, Standing, Knee, Teal, Waist, Back, Calf, Hip, Animation, Silhouette,

Beds get hot and sweaty and who wants to have to wash the sheets all the time?

Do yourself a favour and save the environment at the same time – the only thing you’ll need to wash is yourself after this position.

20.   The Bridge

Get deeper penetration with this core-activating move. Create a glue bridge, and then have your partner enter you, from above. Bonus: there’s plenty of room for them to stimulate your clit.

21.   The Sphinx

You lay down on your front, with your weight on your arms. Stretch one leg out and bend the other to the side. Next, they lay on top, using their hands to support their weight. A bit of an exhausting one, but the extra pressure around your pelvis will feel amazing.

22.   The Seated Wheelbarrow

This might be a bit headrush-y, but gives intense depth, if that’s what you’re after. You ask them to sit on the edge of the bed, then back onto them, ending up with your legs on either side of their hips.

23.   Coital Alignment Technique

Get past the terribly technical-sounding name and this one is a real winner. This technique is all about clitoral stimulation, with the idea being that the person on the bottom is rocked to orgasm. Get into classic missionary position and have them position themselves a little higher up than normal. Then, rather than thrusting in and out, get them to grind their pelvis upwards, in a rocking motion. This way, their penis will hit your clit, bringing you to a heady climax.

24.   Lay on the edge of the bed

Exactly what it says on the tin. You lay on the edge of the bed, with your legs dangling off it. Your partner then enters you from standing up. With them standing firm, you can ask them to thrust as hard or as slow as you like.

25.   The Dragon

Here, your partner enters you from on top, and moves in a circular motion. The joy here is that, as such, your entire vagina is stimulated – meaning the potential for even more pleasure. Ask your partner to lick and kiss your neck, for next level sensations.

26.   The Python

Some serious skin-on-skin action. You lower yourself onto your partner’s penis or strap-on, as they lay flat on their back. Next, you stretch yourself out, so that you’re lying flat on top.

Now, hold their hands and extend your arms out with your torso lifted, just like a snake ready to attack. They flex their feet so that you can push against them with your toes, giving you extra clitoral stimulation.

27.   The Figure 8

Elevate your bum slightly off the floor/ bed using a couple of cushions. Then, bend your legs at the knee, while your partner enters you from above. Now, they move in a circular motion, giving stimulation all-around your vagina, while their pubic bone rubs against your clit.

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