December 2, 2022
200 Nicknames for Husband

Your husband is the most important person in your life, so it only makes sense that you would want to find the right nicknames for husband. The following nicknames for husband range from absolutely adorable names to funny or intimate options. If you have been struggling to find a new term of endearment, the following nicknames can help you brainstorm the right option.

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1. Bumbles: This is the nickname you give to a husband who seems to just bumble his way through life.

2. Lover: This is a classic, sexy nickname for a husband.

3. Better Half: The perfect nickname for your better half!

4. Henry the 8th: This name was inspired by the English king who had six wives.

5. Captain: Use this for a husband who really rocks your world or who is the captain of your heart.

6. Snooks: This nickname is short for the longer nickname, snookums.

7. Godot: There’s a play called “Waiting for Godot” where the characters just stand around waiting for Godot. If your husband is always late, then this would be a great option for him.

8. Foxy: This is certainly a sexy nickname for husband.

9. Amando: In Spanish, this nickname means darling.

10. Sheldon: If you love the Big Bang and your husband reminds you of Sheldon, then this would be the name for him.

11. Casanova: Casanova was a legendary lover in history.

12. Spouse: This is an obvious option for your spouse.

13. Bingo: This is a great name for a husband who seems unnaturally lucky.

14. Stallion:This is a fun, intimate nickname.

15. Hubbie: It seems like just about everyone uses this nickname for their husband at some point or other.

16. Poindexter: This name is perfect for a husband who is serious and studious.

17. Fabio: This silly-sounding nickname comes from popular romance novels.

18. Beau:This nickname comes from French and means boyfriend. It can also mean good-looking.

19. Butters: This is based on a character in South Park who always ends up in impossibly difficult situations, but comes out on top.

20. Marquis: Use this name in honor of the Marquis de Sade. It works for a husband who has a dark side to his soul.

21. Other Half: This nickname is great for your other half!

22. Yoda: This is perfect for a husband who is either a wise soul or a Star Wars fan.

23. Yes-Man: This nickname works best for a husband who always says “yes” to you.

24. Darl’: This nickname for husbands is quite common in Australia.

25. Dracula:If your husband likes to give you hickeys, then this is the right nickname for him.

26. Papi: If you married a sexy, Latin lover, go with this nickname.

27. Mi Amor: In Spanish, this romantic-sounding nickname means “my love.”

28. Pot and Pan: In the English dialect of cockney, this is slang for husband.

29. Stud Muffin: You can’t go wrong with this classic nickname.

30. Snookums: This sweet-sounding nickname is always a popular option, although it sounds a bit old-fashioned.

31. Bromancer: If you husband cares deeply about his bromances, then this would be an obvious nickname for husband.

32. Hot Stuff: This nickname for husband is great if you happened to be married to a really hot guy.

33. Big Bear: If your husband looks like a giant teddy bear, then this name certainly makes sense.

34. The Athlete: If you married a couch potato, this nickname is a great way to tease him.

35. The Beast: This nickname is perfect for a husband who is a beast in the bedroom.

36. Jellybean: This is an adorable nickname.

37. Dishwasher: This is a way you can tease your husband if he never offers to help around the house. He might not appreciate this name very much though!

38. Mr. Grey: If you loved 50 Shades of Grey, then this is an obvious option.

39. Frou Frou: This is often used for fluffy dogs, but why not use it for a fluffy husband?

40. Hoover: Use this to tease your husband about how fast he eats.

41. Tiger: This is a great nickname for a husband who likes to show off his inner tiger in bed.

42. Boo Boo: If you like baby talk, then this would work for you.

43. The Old Ball and Chain: This nickname comes from a kind of prisoner restraint that was popular during the Middle Ages.

44. Ron Jeremy: This famous porn star’s name would definitely be a compliment for your husband!

45. Poppet: This nickname is quite common for loved ones in Great Britain.

46. Serge: You can use Serge, Major or any military name to describe a husband who reminds you of a drill sergeant.

47. Indiana Jones: Use this if your guy loves to go on crazy adventures.

48. 007: This is perfect for a husband who is always on secret missions like James Bond.

49. Papa Bear: Adorable!

50. Tadger: This is British slang for a certain part of a guy’s anatomy.

51. Animal: Perfect for the biggest animal in your life!

52. Bacchus: The Roman god Bacchus loved wine, so this makes sense for a wine-loving husband.

53. Superman: You can’t go wrong with this nickname!

54. Khal Drogo: Perfect for any Game of Thrones fans!

55. Man Muffin: Adorable!

56. Prince: A perfect name for the prince of your heart.

57. Obi-Wan: A great nickname for a Star Wars fan.

58. Awesomeasaurus: This is a great name for an awesome husband.

59. Bumpkin: Cute!

60. FeelGood: This is a fun option.

61. Freud: Use this for a guy who analyzes everything you do.

62. Comrade Wobbly: If your husband is a bit wobbly when he comes home from the bar, this is a great nickname for him.

63. Toastmaster: This is a way to tease your husband about his tendency to make big speeches.

64. Johhny-Be-Good: This comes from a famous Chuck Berry song.

65. Zeus: Your husband will love being named after the king of the Gods!

66. Mastermind: This is an awesome nickname for your husband.

67. Commando: Fun!

68. Trump: If your husband is a staunch Republican, this is one nickname you can use for him. If you aren’t a staunch Republican, you can always change this nickname to “Dump” instead.

69. Love: This is a simple, perfect nickname for the love of your life.

70. Sasquatch: This nickname for husband is perfect if your husband has exceptionally large feet or a hairy body like Sasquatch.

71. Dream Guy: Perfect for your dream guy.

72. Ragamuffin: An adorable name for husbands who love reggae music.

73. Alpha: If your guy is the alpha in every group, go with this nickname.

74. Google: This is a great nickname for a husband who thinks that he knows everything.

75. Drop-Dead Gorgeous: Who wouldn’t want to have this nickname?

76. Pip: This cute nickname comes from a Charles Dickens character.

77. Adonis: Perfect for a guy who looks like a Greek God.

78. Peanut Butter: If you call your husband peanut butter, then he can always call you jelly.

79. Babe: This is an extremely common nickname for a husband.

80. Merry: Perfect or a husband who is always happy!

81. Honey: This is another common option.

82. Einstein: This nickname can be a bit mean sounding, so it might not be the best option.

83. Lover: Use this if your husband is not just your husband; he’s your lover as well.

84. Amante: This means lover in Spanish.

85. Ducky: This is a British term of endearment.

86. Handsome: Your husband is bound to love this name.

87. McLovin’: This nickname comes from the film Superbad.

88. Cowboy: This is a cute nickname.

89. Fluffles: This is almost too adorable to actually use.

90. Sparky: A great name for a guy who lights up your life.

91. Pudding Pie: This is such a sweet name for a husband.

92. Daddy: This is a popular option.

93. Snug Monster: Perfect for a husband who loves to snuggle.

94. Mi cielo: In Spanish, this mean my sky.

95. Honey Love: This is a sweet option.

96. Boy Toy: This is perfect for an attractive husband.

97. Pookie: Adorable!

98. Rascal: Use this if your husband always gets himself in trouble.

99. Huggly: A great nickname for a husband who is all about hugs.

100. Grizzly: Great for a guy who looks a bit grizzly, but is really a teddy bear.

101. Smoochems: Cute!

102. Commander: This nickname works for a guy who likes to be the boss.

103. Boss: He might think he’s the boss, but you know better.

104. Champ: Ideal for the true champion.

105. Lambkin: This is a term of endearment from Shakespeare.

106. Amor de mi vida: This means love of my life in Spanish.

107. Honey Bunch: You can’t go wrong with this nickname.

108. Rockstar: Perfect for a true rock lover.

109. Dear: You hear this nickname used all the team.

110. Guapo: In Spanish, this means beautiful or good-looking.

111. Sunshine: Perfect for a husband who lights up your life.

112. My sun and stars: This is an awesome option.

113. Angel: This is a great option.

114. Hubbly: Use this for a more updated version of hubby.

115. Snuffles: Sweet!

116. Romeo: Perfect for the true love of your life.

117. Dreamboat: This is a great name for a true dreamboat.

118. Soulmate: This is an obvious option if your husband is your soulmate.

119. Playboy: Use this name to tease your husband about his playboy past.

120. Pet: Talk about a true “pet” name!

121. Stud: This is a great name for your stud.

122. Sweetie: Cute!

123. Hun: This is an easy nickname for a husband.

124. Dearest: This is a sweet option.

125. Stud Muffin: This is a good choice.

126. Soldier: Use this for the guy who protects you physically or emotionally.

127. Hubs: A great, easy name for your husband.

128. Sug’: This is short for sugar.

129. Sweetheart: Definitely a sweet choice!

130. My Love: Cute!

131. Raunchy: This makes sense for a raunchy husband.

132. Boo: An easy option.

133. Super Stud: Nice one!

134. Darling: This is the perfect name for the light of your life.

135. Pumpkin: You can’t go wrong with this nickname.

136. Sugar: This is a “sweet” option.

137. Schmetterling: This silly-sounding name means butterfly in German.

138. Moonbeam: Adorable!

139. Babes: Nice one!

140. Dear Heart: This is an adorable, unique nickname for husband.

141. Sweets: Keep it short and sweet!

142. Fluffy: A great nickname for a hairy husband.

143. Baby: This is a common option.

144. My Heart: Use this nickname for the king of your heart.

145. Hus-beast: This nickname is short for husband-beast.

146. Hub-a-dub: This is a fun option.

147. Lovey: This is one of the easiest nicknames for husband.

148. Muffin: The perfect, easy name for your stud muffin!

149. Bae: This is an extremely popular option.

150. Snuffles: Adorable!

151. Big Guy: An obvious choice for a huge or tall husband.

152. Foxy Mister: Cute!

153. Bad Boy: A great option for your bad boy.

154. Captain America: A great name for your personal super hero.

155. Hunk: Perfect!

156. Good-Looking: Awesome!

157. Mon Amour: This is French for my love.

158. Nemo: Use this name from Finding Nemo for a husband who never gives up.

159. Jekyll: Sometimes, he acts like Jekyll, but sometimes he acts like Hyde.

160. Drill Sergeant: For the true task master!

161. Luscious: Nice one!

162. Hot Lips: For the guy with the cutest lips.

163. Bubble Butt: This is a silly option.

164. Dragon: This just sounds cool.

165. Sex God: And you can be his sex goddess!

166. Ziggy: This nickname just sounds silly.

167. Lifesaver: This is a perfect name for a husband who always saves the day.

168. My Hero: This is another great nickname for a husband who is your personal hero.

169. Encyclopedia: This is fun nickname for a husband who acts like he knows everything.

170. Sherlock: This is another way to tease a husband about how much he knows.

171. Cutie: This is a simple, fun option.

172. My Treasure: If you want a romantic-sounding option, go with this nickname for husband.

173. Secret Lover: Cute!

174. Burning Desire: This sounds like a spicy nickname.

175. Funky Monkey: If you want a funky nickname, this would certainly do the trick.

176. Shakespeare: This is perfect for a creative husband or someone who loves to write.

177. Picasso: Use this nickname for a husband who is an amazing artist.

178. Love Doctor: You can call him “doc” for short.

179. Lovely: This is one of my favorite nicknames for husband.

180. Sweet Talker: Perfect if your husband is a true sweet talker.

181. Love Machine: Your husband is bound to love this nickname!

182. Turbo: For a speedy runner or fast driver.

183. Sugar and Spice: Sometimes he is as sweet as sugar, but sometimes he is all spice.

184. Eeyore: Use this nickname for husband if your husband seems as gloomy as Eeyore.

185. Bookworm: This is a way to tease your husband about how much he likes to read.

186. Gamer: Great for a video game lover.

187. Cuddles: An easy option for a husband who loves to cuddle.

188. Loveface: This silly-sounding name is a creative, fun option.

189. Cuddleface: This is also a good option.

190. Bonito: This is a Spanish term of endearment that is used for an attractive guy.

191. Pax: This is a hip nickname that means peace in Latin.

192. Love Bug: This nickname just sounds adorable.

193. King: Your husband will certainly feel like a king with this nickname for husband!

194. Cupid: Because he hit you with Cupid’s arrow.

195. Mi Corazon: In Spanish, this means My Heart.

196. : This is a cute option.

197. Devil: He might be an angel sometimes, but he can be the devil in the bedroom.

198. Fuzzy: Perfect for a hairy husband.

199. Mi Vida: This means my life in Spanish.

200. Bright Eyes: Use this sweet-sounding nickname if your husband has gorgeous eyes.

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