November 27, 2022

You are surrounded by angels all the time. These diving beings are supernatural and unable to be seen by the naked eye. They exist on an entirely different spiritual plane, so you would not be able to interact with them like you would a person, even if they wanted to. Angels are there to help us reach our highest good and true potential. The only problem is learning to recognize the signs from the angels.

The angels want to guide you and light your way, but they cannot just talk to you. Because of this, they communicate through angelic signs like angel numbers. The following are some of the most common angel signs and symbols that you can watch out for.

1. White Feathers

Seeing a white feather is said to be a sign that an angel has visited you. When you see a white feather, pick it up and put it in a special place. This is a gentle sign that just lets you know that angels are present. Often, you will notice a white feather at a time when you are under stress or feel all alone. Seeing this sign is a reassurance from the angels that they are always there to guard you and provide support if you need them. You are never alone in the world.

2. Angel Numbers

Since angels exist on an entirely different spiritual plane, they would never be able to talk to you or show themselves like a human being would. Instead, they use other signs to show you what they want. An angel number is a number that you keep seeing over and over again. The angels know that you would probably not think too much about a number that you just see once. Because of this, they will send you the same number over and over again until you pay attention.

We have a number of articles that go through the different angel numbers and their meanings, but we will quickly sum up some of the most common numbers that the angels send.

Number 111: This number is a sign that a new opportunity is opening up. There is a chance to instantly manifest what you want if you keep a positive attitude and work for it.

Number 222: This is a reminder to stay positive. It reassures you that you are already on the right track in life.

Number 333: This number is connected to the Ascended Masters. It is a reminder that they are there to help if you ever need to reach out to them.

Number 444: This number is a reminder of an angelic presence. Your guardian angels are surrounding you and are there to provide you with support.

Number 555: This indicates that a major life change may be right ahead of you.

Number 666: This number means that you are making your thoughts out of balance by putting too much emphasis on the material side of life.

Number 777: This number shows that miracles will occur in your life if you allow them to.

Number 888: This angel number represents financial success. It shows that there may be a future change in your financial matters.

Number 999: This shows that a cycle or phase in your life may be ending. Don’t be afraid though. With the right attitude and a little work, the new phase that opens up in your life will be even better.

Number 000: This is a reminder that the Creator loves you and is always present to support and guide you.

Even when you do not feel like they are there, your guardian angels are always around you. They want to support you as you work toward your divine life path. Pay attention to the numbers you see. If one number keeps repeating everywhere you go, it could be a sign from the angels.

3. Animals

angelic signs list

Another angel sign is an animal. If you were hiking along and suddenly saw a fox, it may be a sign from the angels. Angels and the spirit world often use animals as go-betweens. They are more connected to other realms, so it is easier for them to hear the angels and do what the angel asks for.

4. Light Sparkles

This is another one of the most common angel signs and symbols. You may sudden notice light shimmering just out of view. You may see flashes of color. If there is no apparent reason for these flashes of color or sparkles of light, they may be a sign from the angels. Each color is said to be connected to a specific attribute or angel. Green is supposed to represent harmony and power. It is also the color of the archangel Raphael. The color orange is connected to optimism and warmth. This is also the color associated with the archangel Gabriel.

5. Pennies

Pennies are not just good luck—they could also be a sign from the angels. Many celestial beings will leave behind a coin like a penny when they are watching over someone. When you see a penny lying on the ground, pick it up! This coin is a gift from the angels. Your angels wanted you to know that they are there to support you. It also a sign of their leadership. You will typically find pennies from the angels in odd places in your home like on your welcome may or on the only seat on the bus.

6 Rainbows

rainbow signs

You were thinking about the angels or wondering if you are on the right path in life. Suddenly, you look outside and notice that a rainbow has miraculously appeared after the storm. This rainbow could be a sign from the angels or other spiritual beings. It is a way that they confirm their presence and remind you that they are always there for you.

7. Angel Shapes

angel shape

This is another one of the most common angel signs and symbols. You notice shapes all around you, and some are unusual enough that you pay attention. Keep your eyes open because you may notice a shape in bubbles, clouds or anything else. These angel signs are just a reminder that the angels are there and they love you.

8. Angelic Voices

Some people are lucky enough to even hear the angels speak to them. Normally, this is not an actual loud voice or conversation. Instead, it almost sounds like you hear a faint whisper. It almost sounds like the wind, but you can almost make out words within the whisper. Sometimes, the angels eschew sound entirely and communicate through your thoughts. Perhaps you were thinking about a problem or a question. Suddenly, the exact answer pops into your mind. You may have just thought of the answer, but the answer could also be from the angels.

9. Fragrances

Another common angel sign is to smell an unusual scent. You walk in to the room and suddenly you notice an amazing floral aroma. Or, you notice a scent that seems extremely familiar. Normally, the angels prefer floral or woody scents. They use their fragrance to get you to notice something or just to comfort you with their presence.

10. Dreams

In waking life, the angels cannot just appear and talk to you. Luckily, you are far more receptive to their presence when we are asleep. When you are asleep, you are at your most receptive and relaxed. In this state, the angels can provide you with support or advice. They might not appear as angels in your dreams, however, so you need to pay attention. Try keeping a dream journal each night and write in it as soon as you wake up. Later, you can review your dreams to see if they might contain an answer to your problems or questions.

11. Signs and Advertisements

You might not notice a feeling or thought that the angels try to send, but you are far more likely to notice a billboard. Sometimes, an advertisement like a billboard is a way that angels can communicate with you. Often, they use this technique to answer a question that you may have about something. After your question, you may see a sign or advertisement that offers a clue about what you should do. You just have to be paying attention to understand what the angels are trying to tell you.

12. Butterflies

Angel signs often occur in the natural world. This potential sign is often sent from an angel or from a loved one that is deceased. It is an indication that your loved one will always be nearby. Seeing a large number of butterflies at once is a sign to be grateful and to say a prayer to your guides.

13. Temperature Changes

It feels like a normal day, but suddenly you get goose bumps along your arms. Your hair rises on the back of your neck as you feel a child. Or, your head and neck start to tingle because the temperature suddenly seems much warmer. When the temperature suddenly changes without an obvious reason, it is because the angels are present. They just want to remind you that they are always there to lend a helping hand if you need them to.

14. Pets and Babies

Pets and babies are far more sensitive to the spirit world than adults are. As you age, you are basically taught to ignore the signs o the angels. Because of this, little babies are much more intuitive and better connected to the spirit realm. Some babies are even able to see angels! You may notice them staring happily at a spot where nothing seems to be. When angels are present, babies and pets will be calm, relaxed and happy.

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