November 27, 2022

Women, generally, are known to be chalked full of emotion. There is a certain stigma that tells us that women are majorly emotionally available at all times. This, however, is far from the truth. Unfortunately you can not be every single stereotype you hear. The same goes for when people assume that most of those in the male variety do not have emotions nor do they show emotions when they do have them. Also not true. Maybe for some people, but it is hard to generalize fifty percent of the world’s population one way or another. That is why no one can really defiantly claim that women are never emotionally unavailable. On the contrary, there are many women who find it extremely difficult to open up. This does not just go for relationships with lovers, but with friends and family, too. Sometimes women have a  hard time making themselves available to anyone that they for any type of bond with. This can complicate things. This can push people away. And sometimes, there is nothing that can be done about it. But how are you supposed to know when you have come into contact with a women that is emotionally not available? Or how do you know if you, yourself, are emotionally stunted? What are some signs that tell us who these women are. Well, luckily for you, we have compiled a list of 13 things that give away an emotionally unavailable woman!

emotionally unavailable woman

Signs Of An Emotionally Unavailable Woman

  • They Are The Epitome Of Distant

Distance is a term that emotionally unavailable people have come to be best friends with. Why? Because it is their goal to maintain as much distance between themselves and the person that they are currently involved with as possible. This does not necessarily mean that they are not fond of the person they are focusing on. However, it does mean that they will create a cold, distance between them and that person as soon as they can. They will, at first, head in a direction that makes someone believe that there is a chance for a future, but when it starts getting even a little bit serious, they will pull away quickly. They will grow reserved towards anyone that they feel like is pulling them in a more committed direction. Their ultimate goal is to avoid any type of commitment in anyway that they can.

  • They Never Make Plans For The Future

A person that is emotionally closed off will never go out of their way to make plans with someone. They will ultimately avoid it as much as they can. When they are asked to plan out something with someone they are involved with, they will come up with as many excuses as they can to prevent a committed answer. They do not want to feel tied down to anything. Not even a single date. This can be overwhelming for them.

  • They Focus Mainly On The Physical Aspects

You may notice that a woman who is emotionally unavailable will become very focused on the physical parts of a relationship with someone. They will focus only on those things from a certain point out. They will not make another effort to focus on emotional connection once they have someone in their grips. At first, yes, they will establish a slight emotional connection. But only because they know they cannot get to the physical parts of this coupling until they do. Once they have it all set in stone, they will drop the emotional part enitrely.

  • They Make It Clear They Have Been Hurt Before

An emotionally stunted woman will ensure to tell anyone that they have been hurt. They will use this almost as an excuse to help them avoid becoming a part of a relationship with someone else. They will mention it time and time again when they are asked to commit or asked to move in the direction of commitment. This might be true, they might have actually been badly hurt previously, but the overuse of the excuse is a definite sign of emotional unavailability.

  • They Say That They Are Emotionally Unavailable

Most people will actually let others know that they are emotionally unavailable. That is because most people know that they are this way. They usually chose to be this way. They know that this is a better option than getting hurt by someone ever again. So they will make it clear from the beginning that they are emotionally unavailable or that they are afraid of commitment. This is what they will use as a crutch to escape questioning about the subject. They will just make it clear that they have been hurt and that they do not want to be hurt again. Then they will not say anymore on the subject. This is their answer and they feel as if that should be enough to satisfy any curiosity.

  • They Are Quick To Get Angry Or Upset

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Women that are emotionally closed off are known for another thing: Being short tempered. Most people who are this way will have a short fuse when it comes to mostly anything. Why? Because when you do close that bridge of emotion off, you tend to let things get pent up inside. You do not let yourself open up to those around you. Not even your friends. That is why it is easy for someone to become quickly angered or upset over even the smallest of things.

  • They Are Ultimately Critical Of… Everything

Another crucial sign is that they are the worst critics! Of everything! They actually force themselves to become skeptical of everything and scrutinize everyone. This is a great way for them to blame their unavailability on the flaws that they find from being overly critical. It is, easily said, their scapegoat for avoiding relationships or forming too thick of bonds with anyone they encounter. They might grasp at straws and make outrageous claims about something because of this trait. Even if there is not really anything wrong with someone, they will find something to claim is wrong with them. This goes for investments, relationships and anything of the like. Anything that could cause them to have to commit, they will ultimately find something that makes it a wrong fit for them.

  • They Avoid Spending Extra Time With People

emotionally unavailable woman

Often times, a women who is emotionally not there, will avoid having to spend extra time with people they are involved with. This means that they will spend as little of time with you as they possibly can. They will focus mainly on getting what they want from a person, but once that task is completed, they will be out the door… Or pushing someone else out the door. Either way they are done quickly with people and ready to move on to the next task A.S.A.P.

  • Commitment Is A Scary Term For Them

They will run at the sound of the word commitment. This word is to them what crosses are supposed to be for vampires. It almost physically burns them to talk about it or have it mentioned! They shudder at the this very idea. There is no way that you will be able to have a serious conversation about committing with a woman who is emotionally unavailable. You may think that they are being dramatic about it, because it is only a word. However, to them it is more of a big deal than you realize. This word is the scariest sounding word in the dictionary to people like that.

  • They Are Independant In Most Ways

Since emotionally unavailable people do not like to have someone invest in them, they will always make sure they can accomplish almost anything independently. They do not want to have to rely on anybody else in their life for anything. This would mean that they would have to become emotionally involved with someone. And since they are not about that life, they will ensure they can do things all by their lonesome no matter what.

  • They Are A Type-A Personality

Perfectionist is a term often used to describe somebody that is emotionally closed off to the world. Being a perfectionist gives them an excuse to find something wrong with any relationship that they might be asked to enter. This is their way of being able to get out of anything in life! They are so scared of getting hurt, being rejected or things not working out that before things even begin they will find a flaw that will kill the entire bond that they have.

  • They Refuse To Disclose Info About Any Relationship They Have

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Yes, they will tell you that they have been hurt. However, they will never go into any details about who, how, when or why! They will pull away when they are asked about this type of stuff. Why? Because they are generally only using the “I’ve been hurt too badly” excuse to run away from any relationship that comes their way. They are not always prepared to explain why, because sometimes there really is not that big of a reason.

  • They Draw People In Only To Push Them Away

When meeting an emotionally unavailable person, you will not know that they are emotionally closed off right off the bat. Instead they will make someone feel as if there is a chance. As if there is hope. Everything will seem totally fine and moving in a great direction, but shortly it will be cut off. They will then push a person away from them. This is their catch and release tactic. And it’s a sneaky tactic at that!

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