November 27, 2022

You have just got your first puppy. Now, the only problem is finding the perfect tough male dog names for him. You want your puppy to grow up to be big and strong, so you need the perfect name for him. To get started, we have compiled a list of 100 different names that you can use.

100 Tough Male Dog Names

1. Thor: As an ancient God, Thor was certainly well known for his strength.

2. Bane: This sounds like a strong name to choose.

3. Sherman: Sherman was a famous general during the Civil War, so this is a great option if
you want tough male dog names.

4. Apache: Naming your dog after the famed Apache warriors is always a good choice.

5. Tiger: Your dog will be inspired by a tough name like this.

6. Atlas: In Greek mythology, it was said that Atlas held up the world on his shoulders. He certainly sounds tough!

7. Yukon: This is always a good option for a puppy.

8. Boomer: This is always a tough-sounding name for a dog.

9. Remington: As the name of a famous gun brand, it makes sense that someone would choose this when they want a tough dog name.

10. Azlan: This name comes from a popular novel.

11. Tiberius: As the name of a famous Roman emperor, this would be a brilliant name for a tough dog.

12. Avalanche: An avalanche can sweep aside anything in its path and is a sign of nature’s strength. As such, this would be an excellent name for a dog.

13. Maverick: Use this name if your dog is a rebel who loves to chart his own course in life.

14. Bernard: This is an adorable option.

15. Judge: This name sounds tough and strong.

16. Argos: This option sounds cool.

17. Hendrix: This is a cool-sounding name choice.

18. Blitz: The blitz was made famous during World War II.

19. Ghost: This is a great name for a dog that is white or gray in color.

20. Zeus: Naming your dog after the king of the gods would certainly send a message about his strength.

21. Darth Vader: If you wanted a name that conveys strength, this would certainly be an obvious option. Don’t be surprised if your dog turns out to be evil though!

22. Axel: This sounds like the name of someone in a motorcycle club, so it should certainly be tough enough for your puppy.

23. Churchill: Winston Churchill was the famous leader who led Britain during World War II.

24. Admiral: Any military-related names will certainly make your dog sound tough.

25. Goliath: This is a great name for a dog that is gigantic in size.

26. Bear: If your dog looks like a giant bear, giving him this name makes sense.

27. Hercules: Hercules was the mythological hero who was known for his impressive strength.

28. Augustus: Augustus was a famous Roman emperor, so this name sends a message of
strength and bravery.

29. Jupiter: Jupiter was a Roman god and is still the largest planet in our galaxy.

30. Aslan: This is another strong name that comes from a popular novel.

31. Justice: This is a cute name for a male dog.

32. Bones: When your dog is through with his prey, there will be nothing left but bones.

33. Moose: Use this name for a dog who is as big as a moose.

34. Bart: This reminds me of Bart Simpson.

35. Rambo: This certainly sounds hardcore.

36. Champ: This name is great if your dog is a true champion.

37. King: Many people choose this option when they are looking for a tough dog name.

38. Brick: Because he is built like a brick!

39. Jesse James: Naming your dog after a famous outlaw will send a message of strength and power.

40. Captain: This name makes your dog sound like a boss.

41. Governor: This is one way to show that your dog is the boss.

42. Archer: Archer just sounds cool.

43. Hulk: Super hero names will always be a good option.

44. Courage: Because your dog is filled with courage. No matter what he is up against, he can take on anyone.

45. Rocky: This is a tough-sounding name of a character played by Sylvester Stallone.

46. Boss: Because your dog is the boss, of course!

47. Sable: This is an awesome, easy option.

48. Chavez: Name your dog after this revolutionary leader.

49. Snake: While this sounds tough, calling your dog Snake could really confuse him.

50. Brigadier: Any name related to the military is going to sound pretty awesome for a dog’s name.

51. Triton: This is an ancient god in mythology.

52. Cobra: Cobras are known for being dangerous, so this is certainly a tough male dog name.

53. Ulysses: Ulysses was known as a hero in Homer’s Greek stories.

54. Bruiser: Use this name if your puppy has a tendency to get in fights.

55. Vulcan: This sounds awesome and works even better if you are a Star Trek fan.

56. Fang: This name sounds tough and was the name of Hagrid’s dog in the Harry Potter series.

57. Trooper: This is one of the great tough male dog names.

58. Butch: This is always a tough-sounding name for a dog.

59. Spike: This sounds strong.

60. Diesel: This is always a tough-sounding name for a dog.

61. Samson: Samson was legendary in the Bible because of his strength.

62. Bugsy: This was once the name of a famous head of organized crime.

63. Rogue: This certainly makes your dog seem like an outlaw or a rebel.

64. Escobar: Naming your dog after a leading drug trafficker certainly sends a certain message.

65. Griffin: This is certainly one of the strongest sounding names.

66. Bandit: This is a cute option.

67. Hyde: In the novel, Hyde was the dark, evil version of the good doctor.

68. Danger: This is a great option that works well with the saying, “Danger is my middle name.”

69. Gunner: This is certainly a tough male dog name.

70. Bully: Don’t be surprised when a dog ends up being a bully when you give him a name like this.

71. Kodiak: This type of bear is common in the Pacific Northwest.

72. Pistol: Naming your dog after a type of gun or ammunition will certainly make him seem tougher.

73. Maximus: This is certainly a tough name to choose.

74. Ranger: This is a great option because Army Rangers are known for being exceptional.

75. Kong: King Kong was known for being gigantic and fairly destructive.

76. Blaze: This certainly sounds like an awesome name.

77. Maddox: This sounds super cool.

78. Brutus: In Roman history, Brutus was known as the person who betrayed Julius Caesar.

79. Montana: This sounds like the perfect name for a tough dog that loves wandering through the great outdoors.

80. Bronx: This sounds like a fairly tough option to choose.

81. Ninja: Use this if your dog is like a little ninja.

82. Bullet: If he is as fast as a bullet, this would be an an excellent name choice or your dog.

83. Khan: Genghis Khan was legendary for his ability to conquer other lands. He may have committed mass murder on one of the largest scales ever.

84. Chief: This type of name will make your dog feel like the boss of everyone.

85. Highlander: This name makes it sound like your dog came from the Scottish highlands.

86. Dagger: Use this name if you want your puppy to sound dangerous.

87. Hawkeye: Hawkeye was one of my favorite characters on MASH.

88. Cujo: This nae sounds fairly awesome.

89. Ivan: Ivan the Terrible was certainly tough!

90. Chopper: This name sounds cool.

91. Hunter: This is a great name for a tough male dog or a hunting dog.

92. Digger: This sounds tough, but don’t be surprised if your dog develops a habit of digging everything up.

93. Jedi: Use this if you want your puppy to become a Jedi knight!

94. Clint: Clint Eastwood was known for playing tough guys in Hollywood movies.

95. Rebel: Don’t be surprised if your dog rarely listens after you give him a name like this.

96. Mossad: The Mossad are legendary for being tough and ruthless.

97. Killer: There are few names that sound more dangerous than this one!

98. Odin: Naming your dog after an Egyptian god is always a good choice.

99. Sarge: This is a tough-sounding name that works well for a dog.

100. T-Rex: You could also call your dog just Rex for short.

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