December 1, 2022

You just bought the cutest pet rabbit, but now you have a problem. What can you possibly name it? Luckily, we have a list of 100 rabbit names for your male or female rabbit. We have included 50 names for boy rabbits and 50 names for female rabbits. A number of them could be used for either gender though, so make sure to read through all of them. You can also use this list as inspiration as you brainstorm a more unique rabbit name for your pet.

50 Rabbit Names for Boys

1. Pancake: This name sounds cute and could refer to how the bunny’s feet could flatten anything into a pancake after long enough.

2. Peter: This rabbit name comes from the popular children’s book series about Peter Rabbit.

3. Acorn: Technically, squirrels eat acorns, but this would still be an adorable name for a baby rabbit.

4. Hoppy: Choose this because your rabbit likes to hop a lot.

5. Snookums: Use this if your baby rabbit just loves to cuddle all of the time.

6. Jumper: This is a fairly obvious option.

7. Paddy: This is a cute option.

8. Whiskers: Whiskers is an adorable name that is perfect for a rabbit with very long whiskers.

9. Dandy: If you have a girl rabbit, you could name her Candy and her name will rhyme with his.

10. Hop Along: This is just an adorable option.

11. Happy: Since rabbits hip everywhere, they always seem to be happy, even when they are not.

12. Skippie: This is a cute, easy option to choose.

13. Cloudy: Use this rabbit name if your rabbit is mostly white or gray. If it is all black in color, you could call it Stormy or Midnight instead.

14. Patch: This is such a fun name for a rabbit that is covered in patches of color.

15. Jack: Jack rabbits are a type of rabbit that you generally find in the desert.

16. Tequila: Cute!

17. Einstein: He might not be brilliant like Einstein, but this name will make him feel like it.

18. Cotton Puff: Use this because he looks like an adorable little cotton ball.

19. Thumper: This was the name of a cartoon rabbit.

20. Scruffy: Adorable!

21. Alfalfa: Use this if your bunny rabbit likes alfalfa. You could use the same concept to find names like Carrot, Spinach or Kale.

22. Caramel: This is perfect for a rabbit that is caramel in color.

23. Cotton Ball: This makes sense for a white-colored rabbit.

24. Dandelion: This sounds cute, although it could also make sense if your bunny loves to eat dandelions.

25. Bugs Bunny: No list of rabbit names would be complete without including the most famous cartoon rabbit of all time.

26. Waddles: If he tends to waddle around more than hop, use this rabbit name.

27. Charmin’: This name could be short for Prince Charming.

28. Cuddles: This is perfect if your rabbit loves to cuddle you all of the time.

29. Gizmo: Adorable!

30. Stormy: This is perfect for a rabbit that is dark gray or black in color.

31. Gadget: If you name one rabbit Gizmo, it would be super adorable if you named the other rabbit Gadget.

32. Mr. Wiggles: Super cute!

33. Pepper: If you have a white rabbit as well, you could call the other one Salt.

34. Blackjack: Fun!

35. Smithers: This sounds like the last name of a British butler.

36. Tidbit: Because your rabbit is just a little bit of fluff.

37. Blackie: This is an obvious option for a black rabbit.

38. Goblin: This name makes sense if your rabbit is always up to no good.

39. Chester: This is a fancy sounding option.

40. Snowman: This is an adorable choice for white rabbits.

41. Cupid: You can name your rabbit cupid if he stole your heart.

42. Cadbury: This is a name that makes me think of Easter and the Easter Bunny.

43. Joey: While you normally hear kangaroos called Joey, the name works for rabbits as well.

44. Beebo: Cute!

45. Chubs: This is an excellent name for chubby bunnies.

46. Shadow: This is a great name for dark-colored rabbits.

47. Prancer: Choose this name if you have a rabbit who loves to dance, prance and move around.

48. Mr. Snow: This is perfect for a white-colored rabbit.

49. Charlie: This is a simple option.

50. Pluto: Pluto is the smallest planet, so use this name for your smallest bunny.

50 Rabbit Names for Girls

1. Darla: This is perfect for a darling bunny.

2. Babooshka: Technically, this comes from a Russian word for grandmother.

3. Puffins: Adorable!

4. Baby Cake: This is a cute option.

5. Darling: This is certainly a darling option!

6. Evangeline: This rabbit name could be a bit too formal for a bunny.

7. Bunkin’: This is short for bunny-kins.

8. Buttercup: Cute!

9. Paprika: This is perfect for red rabbits.

10. Autumn: Use this for a rabbit who’s fur is the color of autumn leaves.

11. Honey Bunny: This name gets bonus points for rhyming.

12. Flopsy: Cute!

13. Bibsy: This is such a sweet name.

14. Bumblebee: This is an adorable option. If you have two rabbits, you could name one Bumble and the other Bee.

15. Cupcake: This is a delicious sounding option.

16. Twinkle: Adorable.

17. Belle: This means beautiful in Italian.

18. Thumbelina: This is a great name for a small bunny.

19. Mittens: What a charming name!

20. Muffin: Cute!

21. Sweetpea: This is the perfect name for your little sweet pea.

22. Pearl: This is great for a white rabbit.

23. Vanilla: This is another option for a white-colored rabbit.

24. Tango: Fun!

25. Annabelle: This sounds sweet.

26. Bitsy: Use this for a tiny bunny.

27. Mango: Adorable!

28. Mocha: Perfect for brown rabbits.

29. Sugar: Use this for a sweet rabbit.

30. Spice: If you name one rabbit Sugar, name the other rabbit Spice.

31. Giggles: Charming!

32. Ivory: This is great for white rabbits.

33. Cola: If you have two rabbits, name the other one Coca or Pepsi.

34. Lola: This comes from the cartoon rabbit on Space Jam.

35. Salt: Adorable!

36. Pepper: If you named a white one Salt, name the black one pepper.

37. Nutter Butter: Cute!

38. Daisy: Use this if your bunny loves eating daisies.

39. Kisses: This is a cute option.

40. Hip Hop: This is perfect for a rabbit that loves to hip and hop.

41. Kanga: This is short for kangaroo.

42. Peanut: Adorable!

43. Latte: This is a sweet sounding name.

44. Harmony: Use this for a sweet, peaceful rabbit.

45. Rosie: This is perfect for a red-colored rabbit.

46. Princess: Perfect for your little princess.

47. Duchess: Cute!

48. Galaxy: This is a fun-sounding name for a rabbit.

49. Honey: This is one of the more popular rabbit names.

50. Holly: This comes from the name of a character in Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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